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Programmatically distinguish between High Anonymous Proxy, Anonymous Proxy, Transparent Proxy
by Estonia in Programming Languages

Suppose I have a proxy IP address, but no infos about it.

Is this possible to know from scratch which kind of proxy it is (distant webservers doesn't know I'm behind a proxy, distant webservers know I'm behind a proxy but doesn't know my IP, distant webservers know both infos)?

Is there a simple test to verify which infos are known about me when I'm navigating?

EF4 POCO WCF Serialization problems (no lazy loading, proxy/no proxy, circular references, etc)
by Kronvict in Coding

OK, I want to make sure I cover my situation and everything I've tried thoroughly. I'm pretty sure what I need/want can be done, but I haven't quite found the perfect combination for success.

I'm utilizing Entity Framework 4 RTM and its POCO support. I'm looking to query for an entity (Config) that contains a many-to-many relationship with another entity (App). I turn off lazy lo

Apache 2.2 Proxy pass 503 errors - redirect/rewrite/proxy local path to another URL
by chaoyi in Operating Systems

Disclaimer: I have posted this question on another SE forum but had no answers - hoping ST might be more successful.

I've been struggling with this for a while, but please forgive my ignorance, I'm fairly new to Apache 2.2 configuration....

Basically I am trying to somehow get a local path to forward/rewrite/proxy another external address, so that that external address a

How to enforce CloudTableClient to use default proxy which is configured in IE or use a proxy address to connect to the internet
by soup006 in Programming Languages

I am getting the following exception when i try to connect from my code. But NeudesicLLC's AzureStorageExplorer is able to connect by detecting the proxy server settings which is configured in IE. Is there anyway to enforce the CloudTableClient to use the proxy settings?

The remote name could not be resolved: 'mystorage.table.core.windows.net', stack trace at System.Net.HttpWebR

Implementing a Proxy in Java, when sould system.properties or the Proxy class be used
by CakeMonster in Java

I am currently writing a SOAP client which posts to my application server. Because I was directed to use someone's base code, there is some inflexibility on how I do things. I haven't used a proxy before but I see that the client has the ability to use one. I see that the code is using system.properties to set the proxy info. My question is when is it best practice to implement a proxy usin

How could change the proxy soap response with the value of a property in WSO2 ESB Proxy Service
by stephenbennyhat in Web Design

Inside a block "case" in wso2 esb proxy service I have received the following soap response message:

<cacheServices xmlns="http://cache.services">
<xmlrequestpayload>&lt;p:messageLB xmlns:p="http://lb.wso2.p

Create a wifi hotspot without proxy from ethernet internet with proxy authentication
by beefjerky911 in Programming Languages

I want to access Internet in my Android Gingerbread. There is no proxy config in my phone.
The internet connection which i am using needs proxy with ntlm/ldap authentication. I used, virtual wifi router to create hotspot. But, i need some software to automaticallly redirect all requests from hotspot to ethernet via proxy server(with authentication).
Is there anyway to make this possib

In Django, how to properly access through a proxy model to related proxy models
by Mahesh in Programming Languages

I wanted to override the get_absolute_url method in the Django User and Group models from the auth app.

My first idea was to define a proxy model, but then I noticed that the elements in usuario.groups were instances of Group instead of Grupo and it also happened the same in the grupo.user_set case. So I expanded the proxy models a

Corporate proxy block all traffic except HTTP through a proxy server. How to use GEM or SVN, etc in Windows?
by dawza in Operating Systems

Our development team has spent countless hours setting up our individual Windows PCs to work with the corporate network. We work in a large company with tons of bureaucracy involved, which includes network access.

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and many programming/forums websites are blocked due to faulty filtering settings, so are many other useful sites for coding.

To ge

@Context returns Proxy instead of HttpServletRequest (No thread local value in scope for proxy)
by dcutting in Programming Languages

I have a bit of a problem with understanding why @Context dependency injection returns collection of $Proxy(random number) instances instead of HttpServletRequest or HttpServletResponse.

I am using Glassfish with it's version of Jersey(Jersey: 1.11.1) and my app is built as EAR application.

I have simple @Remote interface where I annotate my methods


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