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Javascript Pseudoclass handling in php
by Jpark in PHP

I am working with javascript pseudoclasses in the sense of:

class Foo

So i can have collections of them to operate with in client calculations.
But, there is some way to handle them "as is" in php?

in other words, pass it like an object where I could do a call to getName, for exa

css pseudoclass:hover not working
by rbrewer in Web Design

I am struggling to get a simplest css hover pseudoclass to work. Anybody knows why the following doesnt work?

the css

#hidden {display:none;}
#show:hover #hidden{display:block;}

the html

<a href="#" id="show">show</a>
<div id="hidden">here i am</div>

I really feel stupid asking

Does anyone know of a robust JavaScript pseudoclass class?
by Barry in Javascript

I'm looking for a relatively simple but efficient mechanism to implement clean looking:

public, private and protected members (with actual public/private/protected access, but still extensible)
inheritance (single or multiple)
constructor overloading (prefer not to have to count args and check types with a complex set of nested conditionals)

JavaScript accordion effect won't work, something to do with pseudoclass?
by alphamars in Programming Languages

I tried to make an accordion effect with JavaScript based off this video altering a few things like using an input button instead of a link for the selector. However for some reason it's not working. Firefox error console outputs unkown pseudo-class or pseudo-element "visible" everytime I try to use it. What's the problem?


:empty pseudoclass when adding dynamic content
by ews in Web Design

I have read in this sitepoint page and quirksmode page about the new :empty pseudoclass.

Sitepoint said that even when there is dynamic content appended, the empty style will still take effect. It is noted that firefox was the one who behaves this way.

Quirksmode said that it discards the empty state when it it filled in with some elements or text. the demo

How do you iterate over all methods in a JavaScript pseudoclass, regardless of whether or not they are marked enumerable?
by Olympian Last in Javascript

I'm trying to iterate over all methods in a JavaScript pseudoclass and can easily tell if something is a method or not with (obj.member instanceof Function), however I'm trying to include methods that may be hidden from a for...in loop via defineProperty with an enumerable flag set to false - how do I iterate all members of a pseudoclass, regardless of the enumerable value?

Creating a dynamic :hover pseudoclass throught Javascript
by DaveF in Javascript

After looking at this question, I am wondering how to do the oposite.

I already have a main class for a button I want to create, for each button I will set a different background through myButton.style.backgroundImage. But then I need to also set up and individual background on :hover for each different button I have.

How can I access the :hover pseudoclass

How to set a dynamically generated pseudoclass name in JavaScript to work with the instanceof operator?
by protagonist in Javascript

I'd like to set the name of a JavaScript pseudoclass stored in an array with a specific name, for example, the non-array version works flawlessly:

var Working = new Array();
Working = new Function('arg', 'this.Arg = arg;');
Working.prototype.constructor = Working;
var instw = new Working('test');
document.write('<BR />');<

Is it possible to force ignore the :hover pseudoclass for iPhone/iPad users?
by AnToni00 in Mobile Programming

I have some css menus on my site that expand with :hover (without js)

This works in a semi-broken way on iDevices, for example a tap will activate the :hover rule and expand the menu, but then tapping elsewhere doesn't remove the :hover. Also if there is a link inside the element that is :hover'ed, you have to tap twice to activate

Jquery each and visible - Unknown Pseudoclass or Pseudoelement 'visible'
by DonMac in Coding

i have a problem with jquery/visible. Hope somebody can help me.
This code works, but i get an error in firebug

$('.fse:visible').each(function (i)

-> Unknown Pseudoclass or Pseudoelement 'visible'.
second try

$('.fse').is(':visible').each(function (i)

-> $(".fse").is(":visible").each is not a function



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