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Does the new Azure SDK 1.7 and enhanced publishing allow automating of publishing static files to blob storage?
by Dirigible in Web Design

Does anyone know if there have been any changes in Azure publish to allow automatically putting static content (js, css, images) etc to blob storage as part of the publish operation?

This would make it significantly easier to publish applications as you wouldn't have to keep putting static files to blob storage. It makes sense to keep static files off the web role as it will help sc

What Is the Difference Between Self Publishing & Subsidy Publishing?
by pulkizine in Arts & Entertainment
Writing a book is just the first step for an author seeking publication. Once the book is ready for release to the market, the author switches from a creative hat to a business hat and must decide how to publish, market and distribute his work. In subsidy or vanity publishing, the author selects a publishing company that is willing to format, print, distribute and possibly market the author's book

Publishing to WAS7 failing with error “An internal error occurred during: ”Publishing to WAS7 at localhost…"
by Spain in Web Design

An internal error occurred during: "Publishing to WebSphere Application Server v7.0 at localhost...".

There are no compilation errors in Workspace.
I am using WAS 7 server and RAD 7.5. Has anyone seen this error before? How to fix this?


Self-Publishing Vs. Traditional Publishing
by jwright30 in Arts & Entertainment
Whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is best for your project depends on financial and marketing concerns, your expectations and sales acumen, how involved you want to be with every aspect of producing your book and how large an audience you expect to attract. Self-publishing works best for niche publications where the audience actively seeks out the work. History of Book PrintingS

How to Get a Job in Publishing
by swilli89 in Careers & Job Searching
Working in the publishing industry certainly has a lot of perks. The industry itself is very broad, consisting of print and online publications. Print publications include magazines, journals, books, and more. Each publication typically requires writers, copy editors, production editors, typesetters, customer service, marketing experts, and more.
Obtaining a job in publishing requires a grea
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How to Do Self-Publishing
by tayles in Arts & Entertainment
Waiting for a publisher to accept your manuscript can be nerve-wracking and potentially heartbreaking. With ebooks and on-demand printing presses on the rise, self-publishing is becoming more and more accessible to aspiring writers. While self-publishing is not an end-all solution to getting your book read, it does put the power back in your hands when it comes to distributing and marketing your w
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publishing app in vb.net
by Andrés León Álvarez in VB & VBnet

when i publish an app in vb.net it creates some files:

application files directory, app.application, and setup.exe

i am going to be distributing this application to people who can barely use a computer, so i need to bundle everything in one, self-extractable package.

how can i do this?

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Publishing from a CMS to CDS of different CMS
by boonchew in Web Design

I have two different pair of CMS and CDS. One on the local network and one on the public domain. I am adding a new target type to CMS which is on local network. The properties of this new target type contain the httpuploadwebsite which is on the IIS of CDS which is in public domain.

Now when I am publishing I am getting the result as success but file is not reaching to CDS on Publi

ASP.NET MVC Performance after publishing on IIS
by naemi in Programming Languages

In my application site I have a controller action creating and generating an Excel file: from a list of items, it writes every field of every item through a for cycle.
Simplified example (coz I have ~30 fields):

String az = "";
az = az + "<table border="1">";
az = az + "<tr>";
az = az + "<th>Field 1</th>";
az = az + "<th>Fiel

RAD publishing the application to IHS and WAS
by Jason Lin in Web Design

We are developing a Dynamic Web project using RAD which will run on WAS 7.0. We have configured WAS 7.0 within RAD to run the application directly from RAD. We also have
a web server setup and we need the static files in our Dynamic Web project to be served from Web server.

Unfortunately when we run the application from RAD, it doesn't add the information in plugin.xml file of


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