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Flowers That Do Well in Pueblo, CO
by Seattle in Home & Garden
Pueblo is located in southwestern Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It has cold winters and hot summers and receives limited rainfall. According to the Climate Zone website, the average annual rainfall in Pueblo is less than 12 inches a year. The flowers that grow best in and around Pueblo can withstand the often harsh conditions. Rocky Mountain PenstemonRocky Mountain penstemon

How to Change a Name in Pueblo, CO
by nedfunnell in Legal
If you have a name that you are not fond of, you may want to consider having a legal name change. You may also need to change your name for marriage or other reasons. If you live in Pueblo, Colorado, you can set about legally changing your name without involving a lawyer. In fact, you can fill out all of the necessary forms and take care of your legal name change yourself.Difficulty:Moderately Eas
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About the Pueblo Indians
by jaset in Culture & Society
The Pueblo Indians have contributed significant architectural influence to many areas of the southwest, including Arizona and New Mexico. Their trademark adobe structures, with ladders propped on an upper level balcony or overhang, have given inspiration to modern day architects. IdentificationThe Spanish named this group of people "Pueblo," which means "town." The Pueblo lived in villages with

Uses for Pueblo Pottery
by walkah in Culture & Society
According to anthropologist Ruth Bunzel, Pueblo peoples have been creating pottery for at least 2,000 years. Making pottery became a popular practice after these people began building permanent villages. Many styles of pottery developed, and each pueblo has its own distinctive style. Practical PurposesClay pots traditionally are used for a number of practical purposes. Pueblo people would use t

Pueblo Inventions
by KeithTalent in Culture & Society
Pueblo Indians are descendants of North America's first inhabitants, who arrived by way of the Bearing Sea between 12,000 to 30,000 years ago. The Pueblo settled the area known today as the Four Corners -- New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. They are responsible for a number of important innovations that have had both direct and indirect impacts on subsequent generations. Agricultural Innov

How to Make Pueblo Hut Crafts
by lwl_seu in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Pueblo homes are more like apartment complexes than huts. Built by the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest, these multi-story structures were built of adobe. The adobe was either fashioned into bricks or used as cement to hold stones together. Extended families shared a structure, but each individual family had its own unit within the structure. Making a pueblo house craft can deepen understanding abo
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Motels in Pueblo, Colorado
by tayles in Travel
If you plan a trip to southeast Colorado and make a stop in Pueblo, you may opt for an overnight stay in a motel. Pueblo is situated along Interstate 25, approximately 115 miles south of Denver. The city offers numerous family dining options, especially Mexican cuisine, and hundreds of events that pass through the Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center. You have a chance to experience the great

How to Make a Pueblo Ladder
by Roel van Dijk in Home & Garden
Pueblo ladders are an integral part of Southwestern design. Their history spans hundreds of years, beginning in the ancient pueblos of Native American groups like the Zuni and Aztecs and continuing into modern architecture in the Pueblo Revival Architecture movement that, according to Dr. Tom Paradis, a professor at Northern Arizona University, started in the early 1900s and is still popular in th
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Family Activities in Pueblo, CO
by Rick James Astley in Travel
Originally a trading post on the banks of the Arkansas River, some of Colorado's earliest permanent buildings were built in Pueblo. The city has many cultural and arts attractions, including a museum that caters to children and their families. Pueblo also hosts several annual, family-friendly events, from livestock shows to hot-rod expos. Pueblo Plaza Ice AreaThe Pueblo Plaza Ice Area offers re

Bricks Used by the Pueblo People
by mvt in Home & Garden
Native New Mexico architecture has changed dramatically over the years. For example, the Acoma pueblo or "Sky City" is generally considered to be the oldest continually inhabited settlement in the United States. A visit to the settlement provides an useful insight into how some types of pre-Columbian homes were constructed from basic rock walls. Only after the arrival of the Spanish settlers did t

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