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In-App Purchase Purchase Request not display purchase window
by bhupesh in Programming Languages

I added an Application in Google Play Market. After that i added two products and publish them. After that i purchased some products with my test account. But 2 Days later when i tried to purchase a product. Google play server not gives me any Error and also not shows Purchase window.

How to customize the error handling when user choose not to purchase an item in iOS InApp Purchase?
by MJRider in Mobile Programming

For example, when user asked to login during InApp purchase, they can click on the "Cancel" button, then the app will shoe

Can't connect to the iTunes Store

Is it possible to use our own callback instead of this standard message?

Nokia java application In-App Purchase wrong code in purchase completed callback
by Surya in Java

I have a J2ME based application and i am new to IAP purchase. My scenario is after user purchase the application first time he can then use the application for 1 month after which he needs to repurchase it and similarly if he wants to further use it he has to purchase it after every month. So i have created a boolean variable and after every 30 days i make it false and then if user purchase the

Second attempt to purchase Android unmanaged in-app purchase gives incorrect store dialog box
by krs in Android

I'm having a couple separate but potentially related problems when testing in-app purchase in my Android app. Both problems seem to have to do with the Android Market app being flaky. I'm not sure if this is because of the version of Android Market I have installed (I'm running Android 2.3.6 and my Google Play Store app is version 3.5.16), because of general flakiness with AM behavior in sandbo

Displaying progress indicator while in-app purchase (or restored purchase) on iPhone is being processed
by davidar in Mobile Programming

How do I show a progress indicator during processing of in-app purchase on iPhone? I know how to display progress/activity indicator itself, but I need to know when to start it. If I start it right after calling

[[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addPayment:payment];

method I will see the indicator when user is presented with iTunes account password prompt. I w

Remember user purchase info in server model of in-app purchase
by Mahesh in Mobile Programming

If i purchase feature through Non-consumable for on application,if i delete it,
If i purchase it again,will apple remember my user_id to purchase it as free?
suppose the app uses server model, may the server use apple to remember that user?
any help please?with explaination?

Milkman Games iOS in-app purchase for Adobe AIR example never completes purchase in app store
by Simon Capewell in Operating Systems

I bought the iOS in-app purchase native extension for Adobe Flash/AIR from Milkman Games but am running into a problem, maybe others have seen it in their testing (I am corresponding with the author about it, but it doesn’t sound like something he has run into).

When I follow the example and instructions carefully for a non-consumable in-app purchase, it asks me (on my iPad):


InApp Purchase - How to detect when Alert 'Confirm Your In App Purchase' is displayed
by YBS1 in Operating Systems

I have my store all setup, everything is working perfectly.

What i'm trying to do now is when they click on a button to buy something from my app, i'm displaying a custom UIActivityIndicator type thing to show the users that things are actually loading (and to stop them from going back in case the alert takes 10+ secs to show up).

I have a timeout set to perform after a

In App Purchase “Thank you. Your purchase was successful.” alert window
by Dennis in Operating Systems

Where is this alert window after successful IAP transaction?

"Thank you. Your purchase was successful."

The alert window of "Buy, Cancel" is being shown.

After successful purchasing, however, the alert with 'thank you' is missing.

(Maybe the requirements have changed?)

Deleting a purchase in a In App Purchase Test User account
by Fezlakk in Operating Systems

I have a test user account that is working just fine for testing in app purchases.

I would like to "delete" a purchase from this account, so I can test the purchase multiple times. Right now, if I try to purchase, it logically says the the Test User has already purchased the product in question.

Can I delete a purchase from a Test User account so that I can test the


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