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About Purchasing
by godihatework in Business
Purchasing is the process of procuring the materials that you need to operate your business. Effective purchasing involves creating a balance, buying enough product without buying too much, and spending as little as you can while getting the best possible value. Purchasing is closely related to inventory management. If you know how much you have on hand, then you can make effective decisions about
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What Do I Need to Know When Purchasing a Car?
by visual-c++ in Personal Finance
Buying a car is one of the most important decisions the average person will make in his or her life lifetime. The type of car you buy can affect your safety as well as the number of people you can transport or the amount of cargo you can haul. It is important to have as much information as possible before purchasing a car to ensure that you make an informed decision. What is the Vehicle's Hist

Help With Purchasing a Car
by JoseWalrus in Personal Finance
Purchasing a car can be intimidating if you do not know much about them. Whether you are looking at cars on dealer lots or those sold by private sellers, it is important to make sure the car works well, fits your budget and gives you the gas efficiency you need. By planning ahead, you can make a car purchase with confidence. Your Car Buying BudgetIf you are going to finance a car purchase, Cons

In App Purchasing API
by dougbeal in Programming Languages

I'm researching how to do In App purchasing using the iPhone SDK. Is there any open source code out there regarding this? Both client-side and server side? Apples docs are great but nothing is better than already functioning code to help the learning curve.

I am not looking for http://urbanairship.com . I'm looking for server code I could put on my own server.

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What Is the Purchasing Process?
by Jammy in Business
Purchasing for a company can be very simple or very complex depending on the company and any regulations which may have to be adhered to. However, there are purchasing processes which are consistent across companies regardless of the company's size or regulations to be followed. Requesting a PurchaseAccurate data makes purchasing the correct item much easier.pens and calculator over the enginee

Help With Purchasing Eyeglasses
by tayles in Health
Shopping for eyeglasses can be hectic, especially with the variety of styles, lenses and materials available. When asking for help, share with the salesperson your requirements for lenses if you need bifocals, multi-focals or single-vision lenses. Frame shape and color should flatter your face while still maintaining a sense of personal style. FramesOne of the most important decisions in purcha

In App Purchasing in Corona SDK
by Igal in Web Design

i want to implement In app purchasing in my app. can you provide me a link or tutorial from which i can take help. i have no idea how it works.. thanks in advance...

How to use in-app-purchasing-1.0.3 in android app
by Nothingness in Android

my android application i want to add the functionality the user to buy book from amazon.

For that follow the https://developer.amazon.com/sdk/in-app-purchasing/documentation/quick-start.html and all step are implement in my app.

I am get error on this code PurchasingManager.initiateItemDataRequest("DeveloperSKU-1234");
This my second project in android so i am not u

Purchasing an Obfuscator?
by CrookedNumber in Programming Languages

Why should I pay for an obfuscator if Visual Studio ships with a free version (Dotfuscator Community Edition)?

Can I by-pass In-App Purchasing?
by jrf in Mobile Programming

I have an online store, and, for esthetic and technical reasons, I want to offer my customers an iPhone app.
Does Apple allow me to have a 'buy now' button or a similar purchasing method, without using the InApp Purchasing mechanism, in order to have a direct transaction between me and the customer, rather than through Apple?
Thank you for your feedback.

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