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override namespaced puts only works after overriding Kernel.puts?
by Josh Tegart in Programming Languages

Sorry for the vague question title, but I have no clue what causes the following:

module Capistrano
class Configuration
def puts string
::Kernel.puts 'test'

Now when Capistrano calls puts, I don't see "test", but I see the original output.

However, when I also add this:

How to Trade Puts
by z1ggy in Personal Finance
While any trade in the stock market comes with a level of inherent risk, there are certain trading tools you can use to reduce the risk significantly. Options trading, including puts, is one of those tools. An option is a contract that gives you the right, without an obligation, to trade a stock at a specified price by a specified date. When you purchase a put option, you gain the opportunity to s
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puts displays but %s does not
by tobybot in Programming Languages

My file has the following pattern.

word1 word2 word3
wordzz word33 word2431 word341

and so on.

Now i read the whole file in an array of structure, each of the entry of the array maintains the linked list for each line of file.

Now the whole code is kind of difficult to explain, but here is the problem.

In a particular place when

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puts() a pointer in C
by Jon Riegel in Coding

I have a function:

char *make_text(void)
char txt[MAXLEN];
//make something
return txt;

Thats my main program:

int main(void)
char *s = make_text();
return 0;

puts(s) r

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What Are Options & Puts?
by Greenman in Personal Finance
Investors who use options can can have two valuable advantages on their side: leverage and risk protection. Options trading for most beginners can be deemed too hard to utilize. However, once options become demystified, investors can use options trading to hedge their portfolios to avoid risk or simply to attempt to make profits. IdentificationAn option is a contract between a buyer and seller
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How to Use Puts & Calls
by changke in Personal Finance
Puts and calls are both options to sell or buy an asset in the future. Most commonly, these options are used with stocks as a way to hedge against losses or speculate on the direction of the price. Knowing how to use these financial instruments can help to save money and maximize profits on your portfolio.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Diagram the mechanics of a put option. A put gives
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Controller PUTs both old value and new value?
by Megatomic in Programming Languages

The controller does not update seem to know 'where' a post goes when I change the foreign key (in my case topic_id) via a PUT request.

I am not entirely sure why this happens, but after struggling with this for a few days I really need some insight. This application is supposed to update an object called post and among other things, assign a topic_id<

How to Buy Protective Puts
by albenik in Personal Finance
The equity options market is comprised of calls and puts. Call options give investors the right, but not the obligation, to purchase a stock, whereas put options give investors the right, but not the obligation, to sell a stock. Investors typically purchase protective puts as a form of insurance when they are concerned about a downturn in stocks that they own. When purchasing puts, it's important
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Puts for Beginners
by Jon Riegel in Sports & Fitness
One of the most difficult parts of the game of golf is putting the ball, as it involves trying to get the ball into a very small cup. When taking your tee shot, and subsequent iron shots, you are aiming at either a very large fairway or a large green. Once on the green, you putt the ball, trying to get the ball in the little cup, which will have a flag or pin in it. Putting makes up around half of
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When to Sell Your Puts
by Maxton in Personal Finance
Put options contracts traded on the options exchange derive value from the price of an underlying stock or other security. A put will increase in value if the underlying stock price declines below a certain level. Traders buy puts to profit from falling stock market values. Not taking put profits at the appropriate time can have unintended consequences for a trader. Put Contract FeaturesA put o
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