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PHP: Code to check image quality/pixelation (not compression rate but real quality)?
by Naxxy in Programming Languages

I want to know if its possible (and how) to check for real image quality (.jpg) using the GD library.

Obviously we need to check for file size, colors, image size, and number of pixels and compare between them.

For example if an 1200x600px image has a size of 60kb probably its in bad quality. But if the image is in grey scale, or uses only some colors, then maybe its in

FFMPEG create h264 stream that has high quality keyframes and low quality interframes
by lxskllr in Web Design

How can I, using FFMPEG (clt or API) create a H264 stream that has every 25 frames or so a very high detailed high quality frame and interframes have very low bitrate? I want to distribute the bitrate such that i have some highquality frames to identify spatial details and low quality frames to identify temporal effects. And preferrably within a single stream.

How to upload video to server once and have it encode high quality, low quality, and mobile
by Timo in Web Design

I would like to upload a very high quality (hd) video and have it automatically render in a lower quality (for slower connections) and mobile compatible quality.

I'm currently set up on Drupal using the Sublime Video HTML5 player which works well. What I don't want to have to do is encode every video 3 times and upload them separately.

I'm open to any kind of solution th

Android: how to change a low quality image to the hi quality one when the animation stops in gallery?
by Navin in Programming Languages

I want to do an image gallery like in iphone. I want to show low quality (pre-resized) images and when the image is active I want to process the big image and show the result in the gallery.

I have two questions. How to attach a listener on the animation stop in gallery? And how to access an image after this action?

Differences Between High Quality & Press Quality Printing in Adobe Acrobat
by Fremont in Computers
Adobe Acrobat offers a series of presets that a user can choose when creating a PDF. These presets are designed to produce the best results for the intended purpose of a PDF, be it printed on a desktop printer, viewed electronically or sent to a commercial printer. Each preset balances the quality of the file output with how it's going to be ultimately viewed. You can select these presets when ex

Difference Between Acceptable Quality Level & Total Quality Control
by kiirpi in Business
Business managers improve the manufacturing process by implementing quality controls at all corporate levels. The process of producing quality products involves both total quality control and acceptable quality level. Corporations that successfully implement quality controls into business operations increase consumer satisfaction and may even prevent costly lawsuits for defective products. Acce

How to Write a Quality Control/Quality Assurance Plan for Construction
by Rafael V. Souza in Business
Introducing a quality control or quality assurance (QA/QC) plan provides a sense of structure to construction projects. When a quality control program is incorporated into the day-to-day operations of a construction organization, it provides a quality culture within the organization. A QA/QC plan establishes a standard guideline for enabling contractors to comply with governing specifications. Qua

How do I Write a Quality Control/Quality Assurance Plan?
by Nulq in Business
A quality control and quality assurance plan helps you and your project management team to meet the needs of your customers. Your quality control plan will detail the internal processes you will need to implement to stay on track with meeting quality objectives, while the quality assurance plan outlines all external processes required to make your quality control plan work. The result is a quality

Types of Quality Metrics in Quality Management
by postino in Business
Quality management is a structured effort by an organization to manage and improve the quality of its products and services. It is a form of scientific problem-solving driven by the product or service factors critical to customer satisfaction. The purpose of quality management is to meet or exceed customer expectations. Metrics are often determined by industry best practices, professional organiza

The Differences in Quality Control and Quality Assurance
by erlang in Business
The terms "quality control" and "quality assurance" are not synonymous. There is a distinct difference between them both in meaning and purpose. While quality assurance is meant to prevent problems, quality control detects any problems that occur. Each one requires different skills, and separate departments in an organization are responsible for each aspect of the quality guarantee. Internationall

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