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What Is a String Quartet?
by Cogman in Arts & Entertainment
According to Merriam-Webster.com, a string quartet is a group of musicians that have music composed for them. The cello, viola and two violins are the usual make up for this particular form. The Meaning of String QuartetA cello is a large string instrument.cello image by TMLP from Fotolia.comA quartet refers to a group of four musicians who play any given style of music. The type of quartet is

How to Draw a Quartet
by LDam in Arts & Entertainment
The evolution of music throughout the history of the world has yielded a wide variety of instruments and ensembles. Classical, jazz and contemporary music composers have written extensively for the quartet, or grouping of four. Depending on the nature of the music, many variations on this collection of four instruments exists. You can quickly begin drawing a quartet, complete with the appropria
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What Makes Up a Quartet?
by Riparian in Arts & Entertainment
A Quartet is a group of four musicians or singers who perform together. The first quartets played classical music, but today, groups of four musicians can be found in any genre. The word quartet can refer to a group that performs jazz, rock and roll or vocal music in addition to classical. Each of these musical genres involves different combinations of instruments and singers. HistoryThe first
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About the Rosamunde Quartet
by soonk in Arts & Entertainment
Franz Schubert (1797-1828) composed a total of 15 string quartets during his brief career. The second movement of the String Quartet No. 13 in A minor, D. 804, nicknamed the Rosamunde Quartet, quotes a melody from Schubert's own incidental music for a play called "Rosamunde." According to Brian Newbould, the self-quotations in this and other works composed the same year (1824) "represent a redefin

What Is Quartet Singing?
by elmagistral in Arts & Entertainment
Any group of four singers engage in quartet singing. The most common type of quartet singing is found in barbershop quartets, gospel quartets and some popular music quartets. In a quartet, each singer sings a different line. Barbershop QuartetBarbershop quartets sing without accompanying instruments -- or a cappella. They sing four-part chords. Typically, the lead sings the melody, the tenor ha

Gospel Quartet Festivals
by k19k in Arts & Entertainment
Quartet music is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of gospel. The word "quartet" usually denotes four male voices, but its definition has expanded to include several traditions of singing in harmony. Every year, quartet festivals take place across the country. Some are small local events, while others draw performers and fans from across the country. Most are held during the summer. Thi

How to Form a Vocal Quartet
by Tristan in Arts & Entertainment
Vocal quartets are singing groups that use four-part harmony with their voices to create rich, complex vocal music. This type of vocal music can often be heard as part of a church choir, a barbershop quartet, or even street corner bebop. Putting together a vocal quartet is not only a matter of finding a singer to cover each of the vocal parts necessary for a quartet, but also finding four singers
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Barbershop Quartet History
by besn in Arts & Entertainment
When you think of a barbershop quartet, the image that probably comes to mind is that of a singing group of four white gentlemen in straw hats and striped vests. What many people do not know is that barbershop quartets actually developed among black men socializing in barbershops. The barbershop quartet history features many changes to this style of music. IntroductionAccording to the National

Name the 4 Voice Tones for a Quartet
by Daniel E. Renfer in Arts & Entertainment
The Cambridge Dictionary Online defines a quartet as "a group of four people who play musical instruments or sing as a group." Emerging from the barbershop tradition, vocal quartets produce a harmonious sound resulting from the blend of four distinct, yet complementary voices. A quartet consists of four parts, each sung by a vocalist who specializes in a particular vocal style or tone. Each part o

String Quartet Instruments
by sirjoekcb in Arts & Entertainment
A staple chamber ensemble in classical music, a string quartet consists of four stringed instruments. Although a string quartet can consist of any combination of one or two violins, a viola, a cello and a bass, the standard string quartet consists of two violins, a viola and a cello. Some instruments may play a bigger part than others in a string quartet, but each instrument serves a significant r

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