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php quote inside quote bbcode script (nested quote)
by Meski in Programming Languages

i'm making a website where users can input some BBcodes and my owan BBcode

but i have a problem when there is a quote inside a quote

for example :

text one
text two

expected result:

| |
| ------------------------ |
grab text with [quote]foo text[/quote] and replace it to <div class=“quote-text”>foo text</div> with JS
by protagonist in Web Design

Hey, I have some text that is formatted like this:

[quote]foo text[/quote]

and I want to change it to this:

<div class="quote-text">foo text</div>

How can I do this with JS?

I'm using jQuery.

Need assistance regex matching a single quote, but do not include the quote in the result
by California in Programming Languages

I'm trying to find out a way to match the following test string:

token = '1866FB352F4DF76BCB92C3482DB7D7B4F562';

The data I want returned is...


I've tried the following, the closes I have is this, but it's including the single quote at the end:

(?!token = ')(w+)';

echo out mysql_real_escaped quotes cuts off strings after quote or double quote
by zuz in Programming Languages

I'm experiencing this odd, yet annoying syntax problem for browsers. By coding the way below, I lose all the strings after the special character: "

echo '<td><input type=text style=width:100px name=itembrand value="' . $itembrand . ' " </td>';
echo '<td><input type=text style=width:150px name=itemname value="' . $itemname . '" <

php convert single quote to double quote for line break character
by Tim Watson in Programming Languages

I have a string coming from a language file containing strings with the text in the current language.

$str = 'blabla
more blabla';

$str is going to be used in an textarea where the
must be a linebreak
If I place it inside double quotes this works.

The problem is that $str will always be in single quotes. I've been Googling and se

How to match double quote or single quote or unquoted with regular expression?
by Griff in Programming Languages

I am trying to grab sometext from all three types of inputs, but can't figure out how to deal with the unquoted case.

So far I have:




Jsoup changes output from single quote to double quote on HTML attributes
by laptop302.vn in Programming Languages

We are using Jsoup to parse, manipulate and extend a html template. So far everything works fine until it comes to single quotes used in combination with HTML attributes

<span data-attr='JSON'></span>

That HTML snippet is converted to

<span data-attr="JSON"></span>

which will conflict with the inner

how can insert a string containing double quote & single quote in sqlite database
by goffi in Programming Languages

I have a string like 6'.9"X7'.2" .I wants to enter it in my sqlite database.
Please help me.
Anupam mishra

Microsoft Dynamics 2011 - Automate quote process (produce quote, attach to email all in one go)
by walkur in Development Tools & Services

I am working on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 development. I have most of the basics mastered, however could do with some feedback/suggestions on handling the quotation side of things.

I have produced a custom quote report to ensure that its got our organisations branding and product detail formatted correctly, however at current the process to email a quote would be;


Fixing code style: change double quote strings to single quote in PHP when there are no variables in them
by avi in PHP

I am wondering if there is a tool, that will parse a PHP project and fix a bad code style.

That is a double quoted string that has no variables should be changed to single quote.

$var1="change enclosing to single quote"."here too";
$var2="change enclosing in this string but keep $i"."change it here";

I would like to rewrite automatically in

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