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A' could not be resolved
by Chris Woods in Programming Languages

I have this problem Symbol 'A' could not be resolved in file B.h , I'm using Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers:

//B.h file
#ifndef __B_H__
#define __B_H__
#include "A.h"
class B: public cs::A{

that include A.h file:

//A.h file
#ifndef A_H_
#define A_H_
namespace cs{
class A {
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How DNS Is Resolved
by Piercarlo Slavazza in Computers
DNS (Domain Name Service) is used to assign an IP address to a specific computer. It is difficult for the human mind to remember numerical IP addresses, but humans can remember names quite easily. For this reason a DNS server resolves, or establishes a link, between an IP address and a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). ClientsAny computer that issues queries to a DNS server is referred to as a DN
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Do something when all deferreds are resolved
by Usman in Web Design

I have the following code:

loadOpportunities: function () {
return $.getJSON("/Opportunity/GetAll").pipe(function (result) {
//do stuff
loadTypes: function () {
return $.getJSON("/OpportunityTypes/GetAll", null, function (result) {
//do stuff
loadView: function () {
var self = t

'glDrawTexfOES' could not be resolved
by Blunc in Programming Languages

I have one last problem that prevents me to succsessfully build sample project.

glDrawTexfOES(mLocation->mPosX - (mWidth / 2),
mLocation->mPosY - (mHeight / 2),
0.0f, mWidth, mHeight);

This line of code highlighting by Eclipse and it says "'glDrawTexfOES' could not be resolved". So, I Googled a lot a

GWT import cannot be resolved
by Octopuss in Programming Languages

I'm trying to clean install a gwt project with the gwt-maven-plugin. I'm running into the following issues several times:

Finding entry point classes

[ERROR] Errors in '.../core/impl/MyClass.java'

[ERROR] Line 23: The import org.codehaus.jackson.annotate.JsonIgnore cannot be resolved

[ERROR] Line 24: The import org.hibernate.envers cannot be resol

Route not getting resolved
by nishar7 in Programming Languages

I want clean URLs and have defined two routes:

new { controller = "Search", action = "SearchPanel" }
new { controller = "Search", action = "Search", content = string.Empty, query = string.Empty, index = 0 }

cannot be resolved or is not a field
by wcf in Programming Languages

right now I'm studying the Chain of Responsability design pattern.

Using Eclipse.

And I'm trying to compile this code, but I have the compiling error "isLast cannot be resolved or is not a field":

public class OverFive implements Discount {
private Discount next; //
public boolean isLast = false;
public void setNext(Discount nex

cannot be resolved error
by Canada in Programming Languages

R.java generating but layouts and strings in JAVA file still showing following problem


button_scan cannot be resolved or is not a field DeviceListScan.java
device_list cannot be resolved or is not a field DeviceListScan.java

below is R.java file everything is generated in it but still have problem , that is fo

Cannot be resolved or is not a field :
by maniacalpha1-1 in Programming Languages

I want to create an app that will log all the notifications of the apps. I'm creating the button, but im getting "Cannot be resolved or is not a field".

this is the activity_get_notification.xml


QCAR cannot be resolved
by Dandor in Web Design

I download the wikitude sdk and tried the SimpleIRExample project but in this codes

private class VuforiaServiceImplementation implements VuforiaInterface{

public void deInit() {
public int init() {
return QCAR.init();
public vo

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