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Rationale Behind IReadOnlySessionState
by nishar7 in Programming Languages

I just implemented a handler that uses IReadOnlySessionState and was wondering why this marker interface is needed. (I understand that it is needed in order to access Session variables, my question is why is this from a framework designer's perspective) My thinking is that it is so handlers can be as lean as possible, requiring them to "opt-in" if they want to make use of session-state, but I

What Are the Two Types of Rationale?
by Lori in Business
By nature, humans are programmed to hunt and gather information for survival -- observing and processing experiences from which individuals log opinions or facts and take actions. The information that a person registers is affected by many elements, including contextual variables (sounds, temperature, visual details) as well as semantic components (persons and animals involved in the experience).

What Is the Rationale of a Portfolio?
by Rick James Astley in Careers & Job Searching
Portfolios have long been a tool within the art and business world. Although little research has been conducted on the consequences of portfolios in education, many teachers have employed them in the classroom and found them to be greatly beneficial. ProficiencyPortfolios demonstrate specific skills or areas of expertise much more precisely and reliably than resumes or school grades. They can b

Design rationale behind STL
by Niels Kloster in Programming Languages

I was looking at a few sources for STL implementations (SGI, STLport, libc++) and saw a few design patterns that seemd common to all or most implementations, but I could find no reason for. I assume there must be a good reson, and want to know what it is:

Many classes, including vector and list_iterator among others, were implemented as 2 classes, e.g.

What Is Project Rationale?
by jazzyfox in Business
A project rationale serves as the starting point for the implementation of the project. It serves as an internal marketing tool that explains the purpose of the project to others in the organization. Outsiders too can learn the scope of the project by going through the project rationale. This is useful for recruitment of personnel and also in raising funds and other support for the project. Pro

What Is Equity & What Is the Rationale for It?
by Randy K in Personal Finance
Financial experts often throw the term "equity" around without clearly defining what it means or why it matters. Understanding equity, however, is extremely important when it comes to personal or business finances, as it can impact how and when you choose to invest or borrow. In essence, equity is value that can keep you financially stable. Equity DefinedAlthough equity can have slightly differ

How to Write a Rationale
by Olympian Last in Education
Rationale is defined as "1. the fundamental reason or reasons serving to account for something.
2. a statement of reasons. 3. a reasoned exposition of principles." A person writing a rationale is stating their case and justifying what they want to do. People write or make rationale statements more than they may realize.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Determine what you need to write your
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What Is a Rationale Statement?
by Vick Aita in Careers & Job Searching
A rationale statement is a written statement identifying a particular teaching method, film or literary work. It is the framework for planning the particular topic being written about. DescriptionA rationale statement articulates reasons why the writer uses a particular method or work regarding a topic in discussion. They are also used to gain approval for a seminar or workshop one wishes to at

Best practice and rationale: #import in .m or .h
by beebob in Programming Languages

What's the rationale behind placing #import statements in .m rather than .h files in Objective-C?

Apple examples bundle them in .m file unless object is used in interface declaration (.h), and docs state that this is correct ("In the interface file, you first import any required header files.")

What's confusing me is that .h is supposed to define the interface for the i

Rationale for C++'s std map insert semantics?
by Andrew in C & C++ & C#

I'm a little bit confused by std::map::insert's semantics. I mean, I'm not complaining - the standard is the standard and the API is the way it is. Still,

insert will

the insertion operation checks for each element inserted whether
another element exists already in the container with the same key
value, if so, the element is not

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