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read: read error: 0: Resource temporarily unavailable after mpirun in bash script
by Guid in Development Tools & Services

I have tried to find the solution online for my issue. I have narrowed it down to mpirun causing the issues as merely invoking the executable does not return issues. I have tried to redirect outputs but to no luck.

I receive the error in the title for every read I attempt to do after I run mpirun. Here are the relevant line of code.

mpirun -np $numcores $dir/va

Problem: Java-Read socket (Bluetooth) input stream until a string (<!MSG>) is read
by dummyadresse in Java

I use the following code (from Bluetooth Chat sample app) to read the incoming data and construct a string out of the bytes read. I want to read until this string has arrived <!MSG>. How to insert this condition with read() function?

The whole string looks like this <MSG><N>xxx<!N><V>yyy<!V><!MSG>. But the read() fu

Arduino EthernetServer read() only works when Serial is initialized and read characters are printed
by Rakewell in Programming Languages

I have an Arduino project where I read data from a webserver.

I have an EthernetClient that reads the data character by character in a callback function.

My working code looks like (only the relevant parts):

void setup() {
void loop() {
char* processedData = processData(callback); // th

How to read Twilight from Edward Cullen point of view/ read Midnight Sun
by Greenman in Arts & Entertainment
If you've read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, then you, like myself, have probably wondered what Edward Cullen's point of view might have been throughout the storyline...what HE was thinking or feeling or imagining...due to a 'leak' of information regarding a rough draft of 'Midnight Sun' (an exercise in the character development of Edward Cullen), Stephenie Meyer has officially posted the 'leaked'

Android: How to read a number as int from a String; basically to read Text of a ListViewItem?
by Jorgemr in Programming Languages

This is my problem.

I have a ListView, each row is a CheckedTextView.
The list view items are "1", "2" and "3".
When a ListItem is clicked, I want to read the number and assign it to an int variable.
I did the following to read the Text of the clicked item:

onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View v, int position, long id) {

ruby: `read': Invalid argument -(Errno::EINVAL) at File.read
by James Lupiani in Programming Languages

I'm doing a simple script to check crc of all files...

require "zlib"
exit if Object.const_defined?(:Ocra)
files = Dir.glob("*")
File.open('dir.txt', 'a+') do |file|
file.puts files
File.read('dir.txt').each_line { |line|
file = File.read(line) ; nil
file_crc = Zlib.crc32(file,0).to_s(16)
puts line, file_crc
How to read using “read” from file descriptor 3 in bash script?
by yaplik in Operating Systems


# Write a shell script like a more command. It asks the user name, the
# name of the file on command prompt and displays only the 15 lines of
# the file at a time.
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Copyright (c) 200

Idea on implementing read not read functionality for social network's notification?
by hunaid mushtaq in Network & Servers

As for Stackoverflow itself, the owner of a question and all others who give out comments and solutions are involved in that specific question. Then when there is a new answer or new comment, people that are involved will be notified until they actually read it. Personally I think, when building up the database table, we need a table to link members to questions to show the involvement, but I'm

Android read failed exception when trying to read vCard contact data
by ruby in Programming Languages

I'm trying to export my contacts to vCard format with this code :

(found here : http://androidcodeexamples.blogspot.in/2012/06/export-contacts-as-vcf-file-in-android.html)

Cursor phones = mContext.getContentResolver().query(
ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.Phone.CONTENT_URI, null,
null, null, null);

Is Socket.getInputStream().read(byte[]) guaranteed to not block after at least some data is read?
by sep in Programming Languages

The JavaDoc for the class InputStream says the following:

Reads up to len bytes of data from the input stream into an array of
bytes. An attempt is made to read as many as len bytes, but a smaller
number may be read. The number of bytes actually read is returned as
an integer. This method blocks until input data is available, end of
file is detected, or

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