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Can you use an intent to launch Adobe Reader or the Docs Reader to open an specific PDF in an Android machine?
by arbeitandy in Android

On a site targeting Android OS, is there a way to create a link that will cause the OS to open a PDF that was downloaded from that site? That is, without requiring the user to manually open the PDF?

EDIT: to clarify, I want to implement something similar to this on my site:

<a href="adobe_reader/foo.pdf">Click here to open foo.pdf on your Android!</a>

How large RSS reader works (netvibes, Google reader…)
by boonchew in Programming Languages

I wonder how web applications like Google Reader, Blogline, techronati works, and what technics they follow to parse millions of RSS feeds using cron job at one time?.

Good evening, Thank you.

How to use Adobe Reader Mobile SDK 9 to develop pdf/epub reader?
by beefjerky911 in Programming Languages

How can I use Adobe Reader Mobile SDK 9 to develop a pdf/epub reader for blackberry device?

Please help me if you have any idea about Adobe Reader mobile SDK.


How to merge java.io.Reader's or wrap Reader's content?
by NoCreativity in Java

I am wrapping Freemarker template loader in Spring MVC as described here to have default escaping in html pages.

So, I need to wrap content from java.io.Reader with my strings, not reading it, not converting it to string and not implementing myself. Is there class similar to WrappingReader or com.google.common.io.MultiReader (which is not public) in popular common libraries?

Feed Reader updates (Eg Google Reader or Bloglines)
by Norway in Coding

What is the method through which online feed reader sites like google reader updates its feed
is it cron or something else.

Sorry if question is too basic i am still a novice in programming.

How to Choose the Ebook Reader (E-Reader) That Fits Your Needs
by Djuxy in Computers
With the advances made in wireless data and storage technology, the electronic book reading devices, or "E-book Readers," make it easy for readers to take their favorite books on the road. Unburdening its users of the need to carry around heavy books, the E-reader ushers in unprecedented reading convenience. It's portable and loaded with features that do not exist with traditional paper books. Due

How to Stop Adobe Reader From Being the Default PDF Reader on a Mac
by swilli89 in Computers
When you double-click on a document saved in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) on your Mac, the free Adobe Reader application will automatically launch to open the document, if that is how your system is configured. All Macs come with the free Preview application already installed, which also opens PDF files. You can easily stop Adobe Reader from being the default PDF reader on your Mac by ch

What Is the Difference Between an Independent Reader and an Emergent Reader?
by pttr in Education
The foundations for reading and writing begin at a very early age. Identifying objects in pictures and scribbling illegible lines and marks on paper are the earliest indications of literacy. Children begin to emerge as readers, as they learn their letters and sounds. Their ability to read continues to grow with regular instruction and practice, until one day they are able to perform the skill on t

How to Switch to Foxit Reader From Adobe Reader
by Dennis in Computers
Adobe Reader is probably the most commonly used PDF reader; however, alternatives to Adobe do exist. One of these is Foxit Reader. Although it may not have the same extensive support for different PDF features as Adobe Reader, it takes up fewer system resources and requires less space on the hard drive. If you already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, it's likely to be the default PDF

Reader MaxIFSD attribute from smartcard reader
by Jarques in Web Design

I am trying to find a method to read IFD attributes from a reader when a card is NOT present. The SCard API seems to have this requirement that all attributes can only be read through a card handle. While this seems obvious for card attributes, it seems to be a bad requirement to read reader attributes.

One route I am looking at is sending a TLV command to the reader driver direct

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