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Reading the data Items from Cache is taking more time than Reading from Database in Hibernate
by unfool in Programming Languages

I am new to Hibernate and I trying to set up a second level cache to read from second-level and then update the about less than 5% of records that might have been modified.

The table is MS_SQL and has Millions of records, so thought of capturing that data into the second level cache and then update the table when any object is modified.

Hibernate Config File:

Reading a configuration file in Python (storing/reading nested data with ConfigParser)
by tolis626 in Programming Languages

I am writing a list processing script that needs to read configuration data about each item in the list. The configuration data is best represented as a nested tree.

I would normally have used YAML for storing the data - but I think that using ConfigParser would be a more Pythonic approach - and make the script more 'transparent' to other Python coders - since a surprising number of

Reading cell styles along with data-Excel sheet reading using apache POI
by Sankarsan Bose in Development Tools & Services

folks, I am able to read the excel sheet using apache POI in grails
using this I am inserting the cell values into different tables of mysql,
My problem is, I am not able to get the cell style like, bold or italic etc along with the data.
generally text area will automatically give the style of text while inserting into database.
I need to insert the data along with its sty

PHP awkward behavoir when reading from a text file. Variable reading BLANK
by davidar in Programming Languages

A string I'm working with in PHP comes from a text file and the line reads:


However when I var_dump the array variable associated to this line, it reads

string(9) ""

I've inserted the same data <Unknown> before into MySQL and have never had this problem.

Reading into linked list takes twice the time when also reading into hash table
by Spasas in Programming Languages

Sorry about the title, this problem is quite hard to explain in one line. I have words being read from a .txt file and being placed into both a linked list and a hash table. I am also using a clock to record the time spent performing each function.

listclock = clock();
list = insertlist(list, word);
listclock = clock() - listclock;
listtime = listtime + listclock;<

The Difference Between Guided Reading & a Small Group Reading Strategy Lessons
by jwright30 in Education
Guided reading is an approach that provides each student with a copy of a text to read. In contrast, small group reading lessons include more activities than just reading. The difference between guided reading and a small group reading strategy lessons begins with purpose, but the strategies also differ in the goals of the student during the reading session. However, both types of reading strategi

Is simultaneuos reading, writing and then again reading back NFC tags possible in android?
by the vk in Android

Is it possible to read then write and then again read back the same data earlier we wrote on a NFC tag without removing it from the field(mobile) in Android? If Anybody has done this then please share over here....

public class MainActivity extends Activity
NfcAdapter adapter;
PendingIntent pendingIntent;
IntentFilter writeTagFilters[];

Gravity reading Vs User acceleration reading of the iphone accelerometer?
by danil in Operating Systems

Iphone accelerometer provides user acceleration and gravity reading? It's clear from the apple guide the user acceleration means, the acceleration than the phone get's from the user. Then what is the meaning of gravity reading? Anyway they have mention total acceleration is the addition of both! I m confused with gravity reading, Can anyone explain me the theory behind this?

Thank y

Reading from the registry – Involves disk? Limitation on reading access?
by PrinceMyshkin in Programming Languages

Does reading involve the disk or is it RAM only?

Is it always available for reading, or are there any limitations such as certain users who will have demoted security and will not be able to?

Reading CSV file using BufferedReader resulting in reading alternative lines
by slippysoup in Programming Languages

I'm trying to read a csv file from my java code. using the following piece of code:

public void readFile() throws IOException {
BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(fileName));
lines = new ArrayList<String>();
String newLine;
while ((newLine = br.readLine()) != null) {
newLine = br.readLine();


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