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howto mod_rewrite every request to index.php except real files but exclude one real directory?
by soonk in Development Tools & Services

Let me explain my situation:

I'm using a MVC framework (CodeIgniter), so every request gets rewritten to my index.php file, which in turn routes this to my classes and functions.

Offcours if there are requests for real files they should not be processed by scripts but directly send from webserver to browser.

Owkay no problem, the following rewrite rules will

Do ZeosLib DataSets need to perform FetchAll method to return real real total rows?
by Kronvict in Databases

In Firebird/Interbase databases we have the TIBQuery, TIBTable and TIBDataSet, which have the FetchAll method to count how many rows that data set has. If we don't call that method, these data sets only register as "total" the number of rows that the user already saw by a TDBGrid or TDBNavigator. This "total" can be r

Applications created with real basic (real studio) for mac or windows
by pttr in Development Tools & Services

i have search high and low on the internet and it does not exist. i cant find a single website that shows a few applications created with realbasic. i saw a video that shows the user going to realbasic.com/community/ and it shows a load of applications created using realbasic. would anyone know where i can find this information. that link that i gave doesnt even work by them.

Fast exponentiation: real^real (C++ MinGW, Code::Blocks)
by tgwizard in Coding

I am writing an application where in a certain block I need to exponentiate reals around 3*500*500 times. When I use the exp(y*log(x)) algorithm, the program noticeably lags. It is significantly faster if I use another algorithm based on playing with data types, but that algorithm isn't very precise, although provides decent results for the simulation, and it's still not perfect in terms of spe

program supporting real and non-real time modes
by Dirigible in Programming Languages

I am attempting to transition an existing program to use the new time facilities in C++11 from (homegrown) existing time classes. For real-time processing it is clear how to map the C++11 functionality into the homegrown time classes. It is less clear how the C++11 chrono time facilities can be used to support a non-real time mode (e.g., a "run as fast as you can batch mode", a "run at quart

Assessed Value Vs. Real Worth Real Estate
by Star Gryphon in Personal Finance
Determining assessed value and worth of real estate involves the services of an appraiser and a real estate agent. Homeowners pay a licensed real estate appraiser to determine the assessed value before refinancing or closing a property sale. Appraisal LawsThere are both state and federal laws pertaining to assessing the value of a piece of real estate. Real estate appraisers inspect both reside

Top Seven Real Tips for Your Real Estate Education
by Broburger in Business
A person who chooses a career in real estate needs persistence, tenacity and a good mental attitude to succeed. Because an agent is paid only when a home is sold, a person who decides to work as an agent will have to continually look for business to sustain a career in real estate. Here are seven tips to jump-start a real estate career. Research Online for SchoolsCourses to obtain a real estate

AJAX to do Real Time DB Polls like Twitter's “Real Time Results” in Coldfusion
by pttr in Web Design

I want to do something similar to the way twitter searches use AJAX to create the "Real-Time Results".. It seems that the database is polled every 15 seconds or so and the number of new records is displayed to the user after each pull. I am working on a Coldfusion 8 server with a MS SQL database and I need to implement something like this ASAP.

I believe the solution will involv

Get the real real requested URL using IIS7
by KeithTalent in Programming Languages

Using ASP.Net, I am trying to determine the actual URL requested by the user. For example if I type the following into my address bar:


Fiddler shows me that this is the URL being sent over the wire however by the time it reaches ASP.Net all of the variables in HttpContext.Current.Request are showing this URL:


how to real-time control a local Google Earth by real-time updated data
by Ubermateo in Development Tools & Services

Does any one know how to real-time control a local installed Google Earth? There are real-time updated data from serial port. This is needed to control

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