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AJAX redirect dilemma, how to get redirect URL OR how to set properties for redirect request
by YBS1 in Programming Languages

First, I'm working in Google Chrome, if that helps. Here is the behavior:

I send an xhr request via jQuery to a remote site (this is a chrome Extension, and I've set all of the cross-site settings...):

type: "POST",
contentType : "text/xml",
url: some_url,
data: some_xml,
username: user,
password: pass,
Redirect visitors from my page to other domain(eshop) and redirect them back after purchasing a product?
by Neuromaster in Programming Languages

i dont know where else to put this question so here it is:

Lets say there is allready an eshop built. Now im making a site with a link to that specific eshop. Client asked me, if its possible to built the link somehow so when users click on it, they are taken to the eshop and if they optionally make a purchase there, redirect them back to my page? And ofcourse i dont have access to

Python How to simply redirect output of print to a TXT file with a new line created for each redirect
by tanminivan in Coding

I have searched with Google, Stack over flow and my Python users guide and have not found a simple, workable answer for the question, "How do I redirect a print to a .txt" file

I created a file in c: named goat.txt on a W7x64 machine and am attempting to print "test" in the file.

And have tried the following based upons examples provided in StackOverflow.
At this po

Instagram Redirect URI doesn't match original redirect URI when using additional query parameters
by christiandsg in Programming Languages

I am working on a plugin for WordPress where a user clicks a "Sign in on Instagram" button to authorize my Instagram app. After authorization, the plugin will basically just get the latest Instagram photos from a user and display it via widget.

Here's a step-by-step of how my plugin works:

User clicks on "Sign in on Instagram" on a WordPress settings page.
User will b

Issue performing external redirect with htaccess after server performs internal redirect
by PliotronX in Development Tools & Services

I am having issues getting mod_rewrite working on a website I am helping put together. It is for an organization I am involved with in school.

Currently our organization has a domain name through GoDaddy, which redirects to servers hosted by our school. Unfortunately, this sometimes leaves double backslashes in the url. These double backslashes cause issues with us setting cookies,

mod_rewrite: Redirect request to subdir with many subfolders of different structures + redirect to index.php
by iMelnik in Web Design

I need to create a following rule to place in my .htaccess

For each request i'd like to execute file/path in subfolder subdir.
If the file doesn't exist there then i'd like to forward this request to index.php

Let say that .htaccess iw placed at http://domain/folder

When the user opens url http://domain/folder/Subfolder/xxx.html
he should recieve file from

Oauth server redirect on success or error, use HTTP redirect or Javascript?
by acolomba in Javascript

All Oauth providers I've authenticated with will redirect you to a page that says something like "Thanks, redirecting you..." and uses javascript to redirect you to the supplied redirect_uri.
I would have thought it was simpler and faster to return an HTTP redirect. Why is it always done that way?

C/Linux Programming: Pseudo-Terminals: how to redirect from current stdio to pty and redirect back after usage
by jihe in Operating Systems

I'm trying to create a simple remote management program where a user can connect to my little device and "take over" the current stdio of the system. For example:

System boots with console=serial port
--> client connects, redirect input/output to the socket

I have already accomplished the redirection to network part (by reading through a lot of man pages. Man, I hav

Flash embed source redirect does not handle query parameters added by redirect (IE & Chrome only)
by Trevor Dickson in Development Tools & Services

I have a problem with a redirected source of a swf file in chrome and IE only. This is needed for a theme management system that redirects the virtual theme swf (mod-rewrite) to the original swf with additional color parameters. The user can select the color with a combobox, for example: default, black, gold, orange etc.

For example:

User select 'black' in combobox
310 Redirect loop error in chrome due to Machii Redirect event
by dagar in Programming Languages

I am getting a 310: Too many redirects error in Chrome when I run my website. However this is not the case for IE or Firefox.

I am using Mach-ii framework and this is the case where I am using redirect in an event-handler.


<event-handler event="A">
<announce event="B">
<announce event="C">

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