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Refreshing json on an interval and displaying results without refreshing page
by YuriyLazarev in Web Design

I have a JSON like what you see below, that I want to "keep alive". I would like to continually query the server ("refresh" at a continual interval, say 30 seconds) and update what's displayed on the page accordingly. The JSON appears as so:

"Name": "Paul",
"Date": "2012-10-26",
"Score": 8

Refreshing div or load text without refreshing whole page
by deom2i in Programming Languages

I want to reload my text about every 5 seconds, so that my users see that they have new mail... My code looks like this:

If C_Mess "0" Then <span class="message-count"> C_Mess </ span> Else 0 End If

Can anyone help me to reload this every 5 seconds or something? Javacript / jQuery or whatever.

I want to refresh <span class="me

Refreshing form results without refreshing the page
by kamyar in Web Design

This is an explanation of my structure for a better understanding of what I am trying to do.

I have an initial form where you can select an item. After you submit the initial form you get a table with multiple rows and columns and also three buttons at the end. One of the buttons opens a modal window with another form where you can edit some values of the table.

When I a

refreshing mkannotation properties and refreshing the annotation
by dawp in Programming Languages

I have a mkannotation located on a mapview which has a mkannotationview as well as a calloutview which when clicked goes to a child uiviewcontroller. I am updating some properties from the callout's uiviewcontroller, but after I'm finished I want to move the annotation's position on the map and change the annotation title and subtitle. How can I easily do this from the callout's uiviewcontoll

Not refreshing iframe when refreshing whole page
by Enar in Web Design

I have a page that contain an iFrame and a button that refreshs that iFrame and it's working as well as needed. What I am trying to do is not to allow the iFrame to be refreshed when refreshing the whole page is there anyway to do this?

ASP.NET MVC - PartialView not refreshing
by ISAslot in Web Design

I have a view that uses a javascript callback to reload a partial view. For whatever reason the contents of the partial class do not refresh even though i can step through the entire process and see the page being recalled and populated. Any reason why the page would not display?

Code is as follows:

<div id="big_image_content">
<% H

ASP.NET MVC Image refreshing
by GAM3RIG in Programming Languages

I have an Employee object which has an image property.
Image class contains image metadata as image caption, and image file name.

If I upload a new image for an employee on async way without full post back the new image is not appeared on the page.

I use GUID to name the image file to avoid the page caching.

I do the image modifying the following way:

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Facebook JS SDK & PHP SDK without refreshing?
by China in PHP

I currently have the facebook js sdk to login to the site and then I want to use the PHP sdk for everything else. How can I pass the accessToken to the PHP SDK to allow me to do this? I want to pass it to a PHP script at a different url, so for example I login at /login/ and then open up a modal box to /facebook/?accessToken=gfdhjsfghjkfgdh or what ever.

Ckeditor does not appear after refreshing div
by ajjaeger in Programming Languages

I am trying to assing an initial value to a ckeditor using jQuery adapter on php. However, whenever jquery refreshes the div, in which there is a ckeditor, ckeditor dissapears.
this is how I defined the editor:

$ckeditor = new CKEditor();
$ckeditor->basePath = 'ckeditor/' ;
CKFinder::SetupCKEditor( $ckeditor, 'ckfinder/' ) ;
$config['height'] = '300';

Refreshing JSF page
by hochi in Programming Languages

I have a JSF page on which I need to allow users to dynamically create a form and submit data entered in this form from the same page.

I took two design approaches for achieving it, but none of them work fully.

Approach 1: I put a p:panel component on the JSF page to act as the container of the dynamic form and bound it to my backing bean. Also, I placed commandButtons t

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