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Receiving an attempt was made to remove a relationship between x and x however one of the relationship's foreign keys
Category : Programming Languages

I have an MVC project and I have a case where i need to update a parent and multiple child entities at the same time. In the post action I am receiving "an attempt was made to remove a relationship between x and x however one of the relationship's foreign keys" which is strange, all I'm doing is update, I'm not droping any entity whatsoever. I am using Linq to SQL and MVC3. The pseudocode is li

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How to represent a categorized many-to-many database relationship where categories are specific to one side of the relationship
Category : Databases

I'm working on building a database to manage project assignments, and the one part that's giving me particular trouble is the assignment of job titles to employees with for each project they are working on.

An Employee can be on multiple Projects at a time
A Project has multiple Employees on it
A Project has multiple Job Titles
An Employee works on a Pr

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iOS core data, how to model an entity that has a many-to-many recursive relationship and the relationship has attributes over it in the ERD?
Category : Operating Systems

as the title states, my pain is resulted from the attributes over the relationship.

I know how to create the entity add two relationships with each relationship's inverse referring to the other relationship. but how to add the attributes which are over the relationship in the Entity-relationship-diagram?

thank you.

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Django tastypie many to many relationship - hiding intermediate relationship in json output
Category : Web Design

I've just started using Tastypie and am trying to work out how to format the output as I would like (I'm only interested in GET methods).
I have a quiz object which may have multiple questions, each question may be in multiple quizzes (hence the many to many, rather than one to many) - but when someone requests the quiz object via the API, I only want to return a (json) array of the questi

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“Invalid to many relationship in setPropertiesToFetch” error trying to group a many to many relationship
Category : Operating Systems

I'm new to CoreData and I'm playing a bit with it for future projects.

I'm trying to show a list of Songs grouped by his/her Singer. A Song can be sing by many Singers and a Singer can Sing many Songs :-) That's my model:

Then I have a many to many relationship.

When I try to set the sectionNameKeyPath to songSingers.name it crash with the error:

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Importing relationship records in MS Dynamics CRM 4.0: missing converse relationship column
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using the built-in data import tool in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to import some Customer Relationship records. I've created a .csv import file with the following fields:

Party 1
Party 2
Role 1
Role 2

I specify this file, and because I've used the display names for the attributes in the import file, the attributes are mapped automatically by the import tool.

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NSPredicate for to-many relationship, where a relationship (NSSet) must contain Entities defined in an NSArray
Category : Mobile Programming

Given the following Core Data Model:

-> : to-one releationship
->>: to-many relationship
Entity A ->> Entity B
Entity B -> A // each B belongs to exactly one A
Entity B ->> B // a B can be related to other B's

So in class A:

@property (nonatomic, retain) NSSet *Bs;

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Constrain one to many relationship or create table with predefined relationship constraints
Category : Databases

On the project I am working on I have a table that needs to be defined as having a one to nine relationship and I was wondering what the best way of creating that in the database was? I am working in postgres btw.

My original idea was to create a table and just explicitly create the links (note that actual_id is because of the system I have to virtualize the id because I need unique

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ActiveRecord has_one relationship alongside a has_many relationship
Category : Programming Languages

I'm struggling to model a particular relationship with ActiveRecord. I currently have the following setup and working

class Schedule < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :tasks
class Task < ActiveRecord:Base
belongs_to :schedule

with a database structure that looks like this:

- integer:id

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Core Data Relationship Failing to Load To-One Relationship
Category : Mobile Programming

I have a to-one relationship between a Document and Settings model:

On creation of a Document, a corresponding Settings object is created. The models are persisted to core data.

When relaunching after creating a few documents (and the associate settings), the application reloads a list of documents to select using:

// Load delegate from shared

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