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Can anyone explain “em is relative to the font size and % is relative to the parent element” by example?
by Rineau in Web Design

Can anyone explain "em is relative to the font size and % is relative to the parent element" by example?

What is the means of relative to the font size and relative to the parent element?

How to know if a component is moved relative to the screen (not relative to its parent)?
by baylisscg in Programming Languages

I have a component in a JFrame and I need to know when the component is moved relative to the screen space.

It happens either when the frame is moved, either when the layout is changed.

My problem:

When I attach a ComponentListener to my component and that the
frame is moved, the callback method componentMoved() is no

django-compressor, LESS, relative @import and relative url()
by Omer72 in Web Design

I'm using django-compressor + LESS.

I have a problem with relative @import inside .less file and relative url(../image.png) in included .less file.

I will explain. I have next folder structure:

common/ # Django app with some common stuff, e.g. common button styles
CSS position relative without relative width?
by unfool in Web Design

I'd like an element to have relative positioning. But I don't want its child element (with position:absolute) to have relative width to the parent.

For example: http://jsfiddle.net/t2yJP/. I'd like the second body>div to have position:relative, but have its child's width maintain the same behavior.

Can Creditors Come After a Relative After the Death of a Relative?
by ms-access in Personal Finance
The only sure things in life are death and taxes. However, in some cases, a person will face taxes during death, too. This is because people are generally liable for back taxes, as well as certain other kind of debts, even after they have died. After a person has passed, creditors can attempt to collect on their debts from a person's estate. However, unless a relative co-signed on the debt, credit

CSS images with Relative URL sometimes relative to page URL in IE
by Yst in Web Design

I seem to be finding that IE sometimes tries to load CSS images with relative URLs, relative to the page url rather than the CSS file url.

Example... someone loads this url:


That has a CSS file:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href

find position of an element relative to latest relative position parent with javascript
by picamiolo in Javascript

Is There any way to find an element position related to latest relative position parent?

I want a javascript way

assume we have this HTML

<div id="div1" style="position:relative">
<div id="div2" style="padding:10px">
<div id="div3" style="position:absolute top:15px; left:20px;">Stack</div>
position:relative and overflow:auto problem but cannot use position:relative on containing element !! :-(
by DOOR3 James in Web Design

I have a page where I need to use overflow:auto inside html and body tags because I have a position : fixed element, for which I have to use position : absolute in IE (and thus, overflow:auto to get rid of the IE bug).

This bit is sorted.

But now my problem is I have other position: relative elements on my page. And the moment I put *html, body{ overflow : auto;} those r

Relative positioned child whithin a relative positioned parent disappears in IE7
by Thomas Plunkett in Web Design

For few days i'm looking for a good solution for my problem, but with no success.

Here is my code:

<ul style="list-style: none; position: relative;">
<li style="float: left;"><span style="position: relative; left: 5px; ">one</span></li>
<li style="float: left;"><span>two</span></li>

Clicking relative link goes to about:<relative link> which does not show wanted page
by Andy22 in Programming Languages

I am using version 14.67.9 of TembeddedWB in a project in delphi 2007. I use TembeddedWB in combination with loadfromstring. That all works like I want it to but when clicking on a link in the page it goes to a page I am not expecting. If for instance the page is on a particular IMDB result site and one clicks on the link the browser goes to about:/title/tt1041829/. I guess I forgot to set som

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