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How to Remove Things From the Add/Remove Programs List That Won't Remove
by Alex Bartzas in Computers
The "Add or Remove Programs" tool in the Windows Control Panel displays a list of the programs currently installed on your computer. When a program is removed from your computer, the program's corresponding registry value is automatically removed from the "Add or Remove Programs" tool's registry and the program is removed from the "Currently Installed Programs" list. If a program that is no longer

How to Remove a Program That Won't Remove in Add/Remove Programs
by bash in Computers
In a perfect world, every program on your computer would be listed in the "Add/Remove Programs" utility in the Control Panel, and they would all remove without any problems. But sometimes files get corrupted over time, or a program is changed in some way so that it can no longer be fully removed from "Add/Remove Programs," and sometimes programs just don't show up there. But there are a few simple

Remove link from textarea and remove image from div by click on remove link
by msg in Programming Languages

I am new to jQuery and want this problem solve. Thanks in advance for that.

i made my code sample in fiddle. in ths code sample i have a textarea and a div.

<div id="divfordisplay"></div>

This div display all the links of images which are in textarea.

Now my problem is that i want a remove image link on image and by clickin

Remove all HTML objects with class .remove, whose children (if any) all have class .remove or class .removable
by Dave Lievense in Programming Languages

I need to be able to remove all DOM objects that have a class of .remove as long as ALL descendants have a class of either .remove or .removable. Ignoring whitespace. If a text node can be removed it must only contain whitespace (tabs, newlines, spaces).

The html objects with .remove and .removable can be any type of html entity that can recieve a class including input. If a descend

Best way to remove remove values from variable? create an array, or using regex? or with Xpath?
by svn in Programming Languages

Im trying to extract some fields from the output at the end of this question with the following code:

doc = LH.fromstring(html2)
tds = (td.text_content() for td in doc.xpath("//td[not(*)]"))
for a,b,c in zip(*[tds]*3):
print (a,b,c)

What i expect is to extract only the fields notificationNodeName,notificationNodeName,packageName,notificatio

Associative array .remove[] calling core.stdc.stdio.remove in dmd 2.0
by JulianCT in Web Design

I have the following code in D

import std.stdio;
class Thing
// Fields
private string Name;
// Accessors
public string name() { return Name; }
class Place: Thing
// Fields
private Place[string] Attached;
// Modifiers
public void attach(Place place) { Attached[place.name()] = place; }

Is there no way to simply remove an element from the flow of the box model, eg remove its box while still allowing it to be displayed?
by chanley in Web Design

I feel like there's something rather basic I'm missing here, which I previously thought I understood, yet it's not working how I feel it should and cannot figure out why/what I need to do.

If I need to draw a diagram I will, but this explanation should suffice. I have a main div which holds a large svg drawing. Within the div I'm trying to place a smaller div that is positioned rela

remove “wrapping” array (remove parent, keep children)
by Chook2330 in Programming Languages

I have a problem, i'd like to remove the containing array (key 80) but keep its children (with all the keys and structure unchanged, apart from the parent).

Can somebody help me

[80] => Array
[parent] => 0
[lng] => en
[children] => Array

Htaccess remove extension, remove trailing slash and force redirect
by Isaac in Web Design

If a visitor visits a page ending in ".php", ".html" or a "/" then it will re-direct to the url without the extension or the forward slash. For example "contact-us.php" will redirect to "/contact-us" and "contact-us/" will re-direct to "contact-us". I've tried many approaches but cannot get all my requirements to work.

To recap:

Remove .php of .html extension

Better Rebol Syntax than head remove back tail (remove mold b)?
by Geoffrey De Smet in Programming Languages

I want to transform a block to strings like this

>> b: [field "field1" tab field "field2"]
== [field "field1" tab field "field2"]
>> head remove back tail (remove mold b)
== {field "field1" tab field "field2"}

Is there a better syntax than this ?



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