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how to pass formula which is in group of main report to sub report (crystal report)
by maximumbob in Programming Languages

This question about crystal report.
I have crystal report, which has a formula in Group Section. I want to show all the generated group names in bottom of the crystal report.
So I have insert subreport to Main report footer. Then created a formula and link it to main report
But When running, in sub report, only show last generated group name only.
How to pri

Issue in SpreadSheetGear Report Processing(Report Processed twice time to get Report)
by J.W. Mosley in Programming Languages

I am having issue with processing Excel Report using SpreadsheetGear tool.

I have followed the sample Asp.net Report that was given in the following link


when i follow this sample code ,the Report was processed two times to generating the Report(mean Page load called twice).<

Display the main report header in the sub report if the sub report opened in separated tab
by Summerfun in Programming Languages

I'm facing a problem in crystal report: I want to display the main report header in the sub report if the sub report opened in separated tab.
Is there a formula or anything to do that.

I used :

Crystal Reports for Eclipse

Version: 2.0.1.r566

© 2008 Business Objects, an SAP company. All rights reserved.

Please help me

Local Report vs Server report in ASP .Net Report viewer control
by swilli89 in ASP & ASP.net

In one of the ASP .Net site we are currently working we have a bulk load of SSRS reports. We have forms authentication for the site and reports have already been created and deployed in the report server. We are having so many problems with authentication when we set the report viewer control to access the server report.

I just want to know what are the advantages or disadvantages

Adding the total for two sub report in the main report in crystal report
by SperglordActual in Programming Languages

Could any one advice me in how to pass value from to subreport to main report?

I created one formula in software

Shared numberVar myTotalSof

I created one formula in Area report

Shared numberVar myTotalAr ;

I created one formula in the main report

How to email Rendered Report in diffrent formats like pdf,excel,word in Report Viewer in Local Mode and Modify Tool bar of Report Viewer
by camt in Programming Languages

I have an issue related with Report viewer control Version=
i am showing SSRS Report(.rdl) file on report viewer in Local Mode.
I have following problems in Find Control of report viewer,

When I search any text in rendered report and if text found but my report shift to upside and to click on find next
user have to scroll again and again.

After Las

How to pass report parameters from one report to another report in Birt
by nedfunnell in Programming Languages

I am very new to the Birt Tool, and would need to find out how to pass report parameters from one report to another. In this particular case, I want to pass "from date" and "to date" parameters.

Thank you in advance.

crystal report viewer is not showing same layout of the report as Report opened in crystal reports
by Bernhard in Programming Languages

Crystal Report Viewer Version

<%@ Register Assembly="CrystalDecisions.Web, Version=13.0.2000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=692fbea5521e1304"
Namespace="CrystalDecisions.Web" TagPrefix="CR" %>

Crystal Reports 2008 version CR Developer ,Version:

Report in Crystal Report

Report opened in Crystal R

my jasper report always overwrite on the previous report i want to save my jasper report with different name every time
by kakashi_ in Programming Languages
public static void generateReportInPdf(Map parameters ) throws JRException, SQLException, ClassNotFoundException
Connection conn = Connect.connectMySqlDB();
String jasperPath = ServletActionContext.getServletContext().getRealPath("/voucher/voucher.jasper");
String jrprintPath = ServletActionContext.getServletContext().getRealPath("/voucher/voucher.jrprint");

Birt report:How to Load report parameter set depending on selection of Another report parameter
by Milindur in Programming Languages

I am new to Birt reporting.I have one doubt.I need two report parameter as listbox. One is "country: and second is "state".Depending on Selected country, state list box should be filled with states belongs to selected country.How can i do this? .How many dataset i need to create?

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