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jruby makes rescue Exception nil with rescue Java::System.out
by golazo in Java

The error.class output changes on the 2nd execution of this code in Jruby script/console.

raise "something went wrong"
rescue Java::System.out => java_error
puts java_error.inspect
rescue Exception => error
puts "error class: #{error.inspect}"
puts "Why is the error class nilClass?. It should have been RuntimeError"
Proper Way to Rescue a Person With an Insulated Rescue Hook
by CraKaJaX in Health
Electrocution can be fatal for both primary victims and potential rescuers, as touching a person who is being electrocuted can result in the current passing through his body and into yours. Insulated rescue hooks allow you to separate an electrocution victim from the source of the electricity that is shocking hin while keeping you a safe distance away from the current. Using an insulated rescue ho

How to Play Rescue Heroes Rescue Pets
by Denmark in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The pet hospital is going up in smoke. The flames are hot and the smoke is making it hard to see. You have to help save the pets! In this board game you become one of four rescue heroes saving the pets and trying to avoid the ropes which move you back down the building. Hopefully you get to one of the ladders instead so you can reach the helicopter faster than everyone else.Difficulty:EasyInstruc

How to Use a Rescue 8
by LadyCoconut in Sports & Fitness
The Rescue 8 is a piece of rock-climbing gear used for lifting and lowering heavy loads, and is manufactured by the Blue Water Company. It is a metal object with a shape similar to the number 8. Like all climbing gear, the Rescue 8 has to be extremely durable and reliable. That is why the device is made from steel, with an anodized finish to prevent rope-slippage and corrosion. The Rescue 8 is bas
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How to Rescue a Pug
by SperglordActual in Pets
Pugs are lovable and obedient. They make great companions and are one of the best pets to have around children. Having a pug takes on a lot of responsibility however. It can get expensive to take your pet to the veterinarian regularly, but it needs to be done. Pugs tend to get skin problems rather easily and need to be examined for mange or other skin disorders. Pugs also need to be inside pets si
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How Can I Rescue a Dog?
by Gilmar Souza Jr. in Holidays & Celebrations
Unfortunately, animal cruelty and neglect occurs throughout the world at alarming rates, with such issues as dog fighting to outright starvation and suffering. When this is happening to one or more dogs that you know about, it can be heartbreaking, and you may want to try to rescue the dog. Knowing how to rescue a dog isn't exactly difficult, but it takes planning and the ability to care for a dog
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How to Use the AVG Rescue CD
by Boyer C. in Computers
Viruses can completely destroy your computer, and you can lose valuable information, photographs and documents. With the use of the AVG Rescue CD you can prevent this with virus detection and spyware programs.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Install the AVG Rescue CD on your computer. The anti-virus software will be installed on your computer. It automatically detects and removes viruses
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How to Use Grub Rescue
by William Burke in Computers
GRUB, standing for GRand Unified Bootloader, is a boot loader often used to run Linux-based operating systems such as Ubuntu, either by itself or alongside another operating system. A boot loader is the first program to run when a computer starts and is designed to load and transfer control to a chosen operating system kernel software. If GRUB detects a problem with the boot -- either failing to f
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How do I Rescue My ITunes?
by deanschang in Computers
If your iTunes program stops working properly or freezes up your computer, you can use the system restore features of your operating system to return it to a functional operating condition. ITunes serves as a control center for hardware devices and the various multimedia files on your computer. The restore rescues your iTunes software but does not harm the music, videos and pictures stored in the
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How to Establish a Pet Rescue
by LookBehindYou in Culture & Society
There is no shortage of homeless cats, dogs, birds and even rats and reptiles that are in need of rescue. Every community has a need for a pet rescue, or even dozens of pet rescues, that can help support the efforts of the animal shelters. If you have a talent for helping troubled dogs, or can't pass up a homeless cat, then you may be ready to run a private pet rescue and adoption organization. Be
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