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How fast (slow) is Quercus PHP on Resin Open Source as opposed to Resin Professional?
by htcg1htcg1 in PHP

The clever folks at Caucho are quick to point out that Quercus is 3x-5x faster than straight mod_php (without APC). But digging deeper in the documentation, you'll see that the PHP-to-bytecode compilation is only available in Resin Pro ($699).

What I'd like to know is, how fast (i.e. how slow) is Resin Open Source for executing PHP code?

Yes I know I could just test it,

How do I Remove Resin From Resin-Backed Tiles to Install?
by mysql in Home & Garden
Reusing resin-backed tile is a tricky feat for any homeowner. The first obstacle---removing the tile without breaking it---is an accomplishment in itself. Once the tiles are removed you will need to remove the adhesive from the back of the tiles. Tiles installed with mortar can typically be cleaned by grinding away the mortar with a cement grinder. Tiles that were installed with resin require a di

Differences Between Epoxy Resin & Polyester Resin
by FuzzyHornet in Home & Garden
Epoxy resin and polyester resin are methods used to coat wood. Curing times and finished product differ between these products. Although one material is more cost-efficient, the other material offers better durability. Epoxy ResinEpoxy resin soaks into wood to create a waterproof barrier. Epoxy has the same requires higher working temperatures and longer curing times compared to polyester. Epox

Polyester Resin Vs. Epoxy Resin
by TC. in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Though 75 percent of the resins consumers use are unsaturated polyester resins (uses for saturated polyester resins are limited to coatings), epoxy resins stand out as superior for reliability and multiple uses. Though both resins do well above and below water, epoxy completely resists moisture where polyester does not. Knowing the properties, advantages and limitations of these two bonding agents

What Is Gum Resin?
by CookingCoder in Education
If you've heard or read about frankincense and myrrh during a recitation or reenactment of the Christmas story, then you are familiar with gum resins. Frankincense and myrrh are fragrant gum resins that were used in religious rites, perfumery and embalming. Though frankincense and myrrh are the most famous gum resins, people use other gum resins on a daily basis. IdentificationGum resin is a mi
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Uses of PET Resin
by mysql in Hobbies, Games & Toys
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a thermoplastic that is either transparent amorphous or white opaque in semi-crystalline state, molded to create fibers, films or resins. PET resin products are recyclable, making it a highly sustainable plastic. It is also a flexible and resilient material suitable for several applications. Beverage, Condiment and Spread PackagingPET resin possesses malleabi
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How to Use Resin in Art
by Hugo in Arts & Entertainment
Resin, a hard plastic substance, can be used to create collages and other interesting pieces of art with a few simple tools. Allow your creativity to shine by making projects that reflect your individuality and create visual appeal at the same time. Resin is often used for small jewelry pieces such as pendants and earrings, as well as larger paintings and sculptures. Using resin might take some pr
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How to Dye Resin
by Koen Willemse in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Resin is a common material used for jewelry and other crafts, and the variety of colors and hues found in many examples come from dyes and pigments added during the mixing process. Hobbyists can add their own coloring dyes and pigments into their resin creations to generate eye-catching works of art with little difficulty. The resin's color and the speed of curing depends on the amount of resin us
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What Is Resin Glue?
by Nulq in Home & Garden
Resin glue is a type of adhesive used in the construction industry that provides superior bonding capabilities. Because of its long curing time of as much as ten hours, it is ideal for woodworking applications, which require unhurried and careful assembly. It is manufactured in powdered, spray, emulsion, and liquid forms.
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Pine Resin Uses
by dmossakowski in Home & Garden
If you've ever grabbed a fresh pine log taken from the forest, you may have come away with a sticky, annoying substance on your hands. That substance is pine resin, or pitch. Pine resin makes the job of moving pine logs a dirty one because the resin will stick to your skin, hair and clothing. But pine resin is also a fairly utilitarian substance and can be used for everything from outdoor fire sta
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