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Add resolver in Ivy
by Martin Koch in Programming Languages

I'm new to Ivy and I'm just trying to add a resolver to my ivysettings.xml :

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<settings defaultResolver="maven" />
<chain name="maven" returnFirst="true">
<ibiblio name="restlet" m2compatible="true"
root="http://maven.restlet.org/" /&g
TAGS : resolver

Ivy custom url resolver
by JoeKaras in Development Tools & Services

I am trying to create custom resolver in my ivysettings.xml file:

<settings defaultResolver="default"/>
<chain name="default">
<url name="scala-tools">
<ivy pattern="http://scala-tools.org/repo-releases/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/ivy-[revision].x
TAGS : custom resolver

ScalaToolsSnapshots alternative resolver
by rixtertech in Programming Languages

Can anyone please help me with the alternative to ScalaToolsSnapshots resolver currently listed in sbt._?

XSBT states that it's deprecated from version 0.11.3 and suggests using an alternative.

Issue with Ivy custome resolver
by akiin in Programming Languages

Can anyone help me with creating custom ivy resolver. I wish to extend URLResolver, such that it will have a new class say called ProxyURLResolver where i will set the proxy, resolve the artifact and then remove the proxy setting. I tried extending URLResolver directly before calling setRepository method and reseting after and had typedef as well in ivysettings.xml, but it didn't worked. Can yo

How to Remove HP Port Resolver
by Switzerland in Computers
HP Port Resolver is a computer program that is tied to your HP printer. It manages the various networking capabilities of your unit. The file that controls the HP Port Resolver is called hpbpro.exe. If you want to remove this HP Port Resolver from operation, you need to do so by closing out of the hpbpro.exe file using the native Windows Task Manager. You will still be able to use your printer aft

A Tutorial for Synchro and Resolver
by Matthias in Electronics
A servo is an electromechanical device that relies on feedback to provide exact starts and stops for motors on a tape drive and the moving of an access arm on a disk. Synchros and resolvers are a part of this system, often because they are cost effective and reliable. The servo does not correspond to a specific type of device, but is rather a term that applies to a specific function or task. The s

IVY resolver is looking in different local path
by Luciano Campos in Programming Languages

I have defined local cache as below :

<caches defaultCacheDir="${user.home}/.ivy2/local"

and trying to fetch data using resolver as


how do i resolver numberformatexception error
by Yserbius in Programming Languages

I am trying to parse a double from an edittext but i keep getting a number format exception error.

i initially tried this...

premiumvalue = Double.parseDouble(premium.getText().toString());
amountweightvalue = Double.parseDouble(amountweight.getText().toString());

Then attempted this...to no avail.


How to use a resolver for collections in AutoMapper?
by krismolendyke in Programming Languages

I want to map some of my domain objects back to ORM (LLBLGen) entities, for this I'm using AutoMapper. The domain objects contain collections, and the AutoMapper documentation states that we don't have to worry about them, just about the types they contain. This isn't always the case...

When trying to map to the collections I'm getting a LLBLGen error stating it's not allowed to Cle

asp.net mvc 4 dependency resolver for controllers
by 007ELmO in Programming Languages

I'm using asp.net mvc 4 to develop a multi-tenant mvc application.

I am using Autofac for the IOC container and have configured controllers to be registered for each client in different assemblies.

Autofac will switch out which controller it returns when asked to resolve depending on the current client context, which is determineid by looking at the route data.

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