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How do you determine how coarse or fine-grained a 'responsibility' should be when using the single responsibility principle?
by billputer in Web Design

In the SRP, a 'responsibility' is usually described as 'a reason to change', so that each class (or object?) should have only one reason someone should have to go in there and change it.

But if you take this to the extreme fine-grain you could say that an object adding two numbers together is a responsibility and a possible reason to change. Therefore the object should contain no

Social Responsibility Issues: Responsibility Toward the Environment
by MD. in Business
Thomas Lyon, director of Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, indicates the desire of companies to "appear green" and to participate in efforts of nature preservation. He points out that this is the reason why corporations like Bank of America and British Petroleum have engaged in initiatives of environmental social responsibility. In terms of environmental protection, social responsi

Personal Responsibility Vs. Professional Responsibility
by Bateluer in Business
Personal responsibility refers to a person's individual obligations to herself, family, friends, community and coworkers. Personal responsibilities include house payments, car payments, student loans, medical bills, utilities, childcare and personal care. An individual is also personally responsible for her own happiness, emotional well-being, intellectual development and career satisfaction. Prof

Is Being an RN a Lot More Responsibility Than an LPN?
by Tashi in Personal Finance
Registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are both found on the staffs of hospitals, doctors' offices, nursing facilities and outpatient care centers. While each title can be achieved through a few different educational paths, becoming an RN requires more schooling, and so RNs can take on more responsibility than an LPN. ResponsibilitiesLPNs work under the direction of both R

How to Clear a Responsibility Fee
by Martin Koch in Cars
Drivers' responsibility fees are fees several states, such as New York and Michigan, charge to unsafe drivers on top of traffic tickets and DUI fines. If the fee, which can go up to $1,000, isn't paid, your driving license can be suspended. State governments defend the fees as a way to promote safer driving; critics, such as Michigan's Maze Legal Group, say it's a convenient way to raise money for

The Responsibility of Landlords
by ondrej in Legal
A landlord has legal responsibilities with regards to leasing and maintaining residential units. Laws regarding landlord and tenant responsibilities stem from Common Law, which means courts and judges from various states rely on past case law to enact statutes which are legally enforced in the individual state. Most states implement the Model Residential Landlord-Tenant Code or the "Uniform Reside

Responsibility of an Aesthetician
by cubeless in Careers & Job Searching
Aestheticians specializes in skin care and are often employed by spas or salons and offer a variety of treatments, ranging from giving facials to educating clients about proper skin cleansing. While an aesthetician must know the basics of skin care, she can also specialize in treatments such as chemical peels and hair removal through electrolysis. Customer ServiceCustomer service is among respo

How to Delegate Responsibility
by DeathReborn in Careers & Job Searching
Many people delegate less than they should. Divvy up your assignments and hand out tasks for others to do - this will increase your overall productivity and efficiency.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

Decide whether you want to delegate.
Decide to whom you want to delegate responsibility. Does this person have the requisite skills and

The Responsibility of Pastors
by davidar in Careers & Job Searching
A church pastor carries a weighty responsibility to serve his congregation. This service takes many forms and will look slightly different from church to church, depending on the needs of the congregation or denomination. PersonalPeople need to be able to respect the integrity and moral character of church pastors. She will listen to many personal issues of members and even other staff leaders.

What Is the Responsibility of a Teacher?
by björnen in Education
Teachers play vital roles in promoting the social and intellectual growth of children; teachers nationwide strive everyday to provide an education that can help determine their future success, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. Teachers are leaders, coaches and facilitators in the classroom, and they are responsible for carrying out a multitude of tasks, includ

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