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What Is Revelation Revealing?
Category : Culture & Society
A CNN poll conducted in 2002 said that 35 percent of Americans believe the media and news will provide insight into the end of the world. Fifty-nine percent said they believed that what is depicted in the Book of Revelation in the Bible would come true. These statistics were published in "Time" magazine in June 2003. As simple as these statistics may seem, there are several interpretations as to w

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Revealing a Crush
Category : Relationships & Family
Crushes are a natural part of the dating scene and can occur without warning. You may find yourself awe struck with your next-door neighbor or with the cute girl in class. Although most crushes are transient in nature, some crushes are the result of many sleepless nights. If you develop a crush that you feel could lead to a relationship, it's up to you to make your relationship fantasy come true.

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How to Make a Dress Less Revealing
Category : Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Some situations may allow for a more revealing dress, but others, such as for church or a first date, may require a more modest dress. While some women use this as an excuse to buy a new dress for each occasion, you can reuse the same dress with a few modifications to make it more acceptable in a modest situation. These changes allow you to save money by not purchasing a new dress every time you a

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GWT-Platform revealing presenters together
Category : Programming Languages

Hey so I am just learning the gwtp framework and I have come across a bit of a dilemma. I have a LayoutPresenter at the top level that has a main content slot and menu content slot and I am trying to find a way to bind my presenters for each slot together if possible so when the main content is revealed it will automatically show the correct side menu. Currently I have a static boolean in the M

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How to Forward Email Without Revealing Addresses
Category : Computers
Interesting email should certainly be forwarded to your friends. However the forwarding should be done without including a list of email addresses. The email will be shorter and, more important, you will not expose valid addresses. This protects the people you send the email to from having their email addresses harvested later when the message is forwarded to others. Although some people harvest e

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Revealing module patter disadvantages
Category : Web Design

I recently got familiar with the Revealing Module pattern and I've read quite a few articles about it.

It seems like a very good pattern and I would like to start using it in a big project I have. In the project I'm using : Jquery, KO ,requirejs, Jquery Mobile, JayData. It seems to me like it'll be a good fit for the KO ViewModels.

In specific I'd like to use THIS versio

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Revealing a UIImage with a radial animation
Category : Operating Systems

I have a UIImageView that i want to slowly reveal in a radial clockwise fashion.

Here is an example of how i want to reveal the image over the course of 1 second. Im basically trying to simulate a marker drawing a circle around something.

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revealing module pattern and timeout
Category : Web Design

I was wondering if someone could give me a simple solution to this.

I want to have the two dog instances repeat the bark + wag tail combination.

If all logic is contained within the barkNameAndTime function, I'm fine, but by calling wagTail via the setTimout I lose context. I don't write much JS so my closure knowledge is a litle rust and I can't quite seem to find a c

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PHP: set image as background without revealing path
Category : Programming Languages

The following problem I can't really wrap my mind around, so really if you guys can't be bothered to supply the entire code some tips leading in the right direction would be great!

So, I have a script where users can upload images to a server. PHP takes care of validating the file and saving it using a new filename in another folder, neither known by the client. Now, the client shou

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Hudson failing build w/o revealing cause
Category : Programming Languages

Every build has failed as of Tuesday. I'm not exactly sure what happened. The Phing targets (clean/prepare) are being executed properly. Additionally, the unit tests are passing with flying colors, with only a warning for duplicate code (not a reason for a fail). I tried removing the phpDoc target to see if that was causing the error, but the build still failed.

Started by use

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