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ISP Reviews
by Summerfun in Computers
Choosing the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) depends on many factors, including your needs, preferences and geographical location. With a little research, you'll be able to conveniently discover which ISP works best for you. FunctionPlenty of companies will charge you a fee to access the Internet. Once you've selected a plan and paid for it, you'll be allotted a specific amount of Internet
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Asking for Reviews from within an app
by Valentine in Mobile Programming

In my published app, I wish to give the user a button that will open the iTunes page for the app, and navigate to the Add a Review section for the app.

Is it possible to create a url to do this?

How to Get Rid of Performance Reviews
by ShortOne in Business
Conducting an annual performance review is a task managers generally don't among their favorite things to do, and employees probably dislike performance reviews even more. Human capital strategists for and against the practice of conducting performance reviews have one common goal -- improving employee engagement and making the work environment more collegial and productive. However, arguments for

What Are Performance Reviews?
by Wild Thing in Business
Most employees, and many employers, dread the annual review period. Performance reviews require that every supervisor rate his employees based on pre-formulated questions. The employee and the employer will complete a face-to-face interview and the worst employees may face adverse action at the end of the review period. However, good employees shouldn't dread performance reviews. These reviews oft

ACS reviews callback
by Ka0t1x in Web Design

I have an Appcelerator question.

Is there somekind of callback for new ACS reviews? One way to do this
is to make the app refresh every x-seconds.. but this will quickly use too much resources.
Imagine 10 people use it for 10 minutes, with auto-refresh set for 10 seconds.. it will amount to 10x6x10 = 600 API calls! And that is only for 10 people for 10 minutes, and what

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About Job Performance Reviews
by Thyrius in Business
The term employee performance review can create a lot of tension and anxiety for an employee. This does not have to be the case. Employees can view a performance review as a chance to meet with their supervisor and share their assessment of their performance. Employee performance reviews should not be centered solely around the weaknesses of the employee during the review period, but should also i

How to Do GTD Daily Reviews
by Morbo in Careers & Job Searching
Getting Things Done (GTD) is a productivity system developed by David Allen. A key part of the GTD system is regular reviews, used to capture and clarify outstanding tasks, update your lists and evaluate weak points in your system. Allen recommends performing the review weekly, not daily, but the time frame is flexible. The key to success with GTD is to make reviews frequent enough to foster trust
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Reviews on these RAD tools
by Blunc in Web Design

If anyone has used one of these systems could you give me a feedback on the pros and cons for both? Also are there better tools out there besides these?

Alpha Five
Outsystems agile development
Omnis Studio from Tiger Logic

Thanks in advance,

Go to App Store Reviews in iOS 6
by Mandaris in Operating Systems

It appears that using the itms-apps//.... URL scheme doesn't work in iOS 6 with the new App Store to show the product reviews area. Now I'm using the code below, but it just shows you the product. How do you get to the review area to ask for a review and take the user to the right tab of the product displayed?

void DoReview()
var spp = new StoreProdu
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How to Get App Reviews for the iPad
by Tom D in Computers
Visit app-review websites to find the best iPad apps quickly in any category. IPad app-review sites such as Appolicious or AppAdvice make it easy to find the best iPad apps according to editors and site users. Moreover, iTunes provides user reviews with each app the store carries. All the apps for the iPad are available for download from iTunes.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Visit the website Appo
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