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River Boat Dinner Cruises on the Wisconsin River
by Switzerland in Travel
Enjoy fine dining, live entertainment, and cocktails aboard a river boat dinner cruise on the Wisconsin River. Known for its rocky cliffs and sandstone bluffs, the Wisconsin River offers plenty of sightseeing while out on the water. With the popular Wisconsin Dells vacation area located on the banks of the Wisconsin River, several river boat dinner cruise options are available. Wisconsin River

RV Parks & Camping on River Road on Guadalupe River
by mysql in Sports & Fitness
The Guadalupe River in central Texas is popular for camping, canoeing, fishing and floating on inner tubes. The river is 250 miles long and flows from Canyon Lake (just north of New Braunfels) to the Gulf Coast. The most popular stretch for camping and water activities on this lazy river is the area between the Canyon Lake Dam and the city of Gruene. Several bars, restaurants and picnic spots are

MongoDB river VS RabbitMQ river VS Background job (resque)
by J.W. Mosley in Databases

I want to switch my Rails project from Solr to Elastic Search (just for fun), but I'm not sure about the best approach to index the documents. Right now I'm using Resque (background job) for this task, but I've been digging about "rivers" on Elastic Search and they look promising.

Anyone who has experience on this topic can bring me some tips? performance results? scalability?

How do I Rent a River Boat on the St. Johns River?
by Chris Tattum in Cars
Houseboating is a wonderful way to spend time and build memories with friends and family. You can enjoy the changing scenery of the river, looking for wildflowers or alligators as they bask along the banks of the St. Johns River in Florida. Fish lazily from the deck. Pull up at a park. Look for manatees and other marine life. Explore the shallow tributaries that feed into the river.Difficulty:Mode

How To Harvest River Rocks From a River
by mrmt in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Rocks sculpted by ceaseless river flow are popular materials for landscaping and nature study. Especially in regions of heavy vegetation and deep soils, rivers are also some of the likeliest places to find rocks above ground: They tumble actively into stream channels, spill from eroding banks and originate from bedrock and huge boulders molded by alluvial flow and abrasion.Difficulty:Moderately Ea

River Cruises on the Po River in Italy
by Lathentar in Travel
More than just Italy's longest river at 405 miles (652 kilometers), the Po is the creator of Italy's most fertile valley, the Val Padana, which is home to more than one third of Italy's population. The Po traverses manufacturing cities such as Turin (Torino) as well as some of Italy's most beautiful and historic cities---Piacenza, Pavia, Cremona, Montova, Saluzzo and Ferrara---and finishes its jou

How to Be a River Rat
by AJ. in Hobbies, Games & Toys
River rats engage in a variety of activities associated with waterways like kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking and swimming. One trait common to all river rats is their love for the water and the awe with which they see the power of the river. The river imbues a sense of heightened spirituality that is difficult if not impossible to replicate anywhere else.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions TipsC
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How to Set Up a River Anchor
by orneka in Sports & Fitness
River anchors are lightweight mushroom anchors. The procedure for setting a river anchor is essentially the same as for setting an anchor on any other body of water. The hazard involved in setting up a river anchor properly is that the anchor may snag on trash at the bottom, leaving you anchored to a washing machine or a rusting car hulk instead of the river bottom. Using proper anchoring techniqu
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About River Otters
by JackBurton in Hobbies, Games & Toys
River otters (lontra canadensis) are semi-aquatic, freshwater mammals. They use sounds, posturing and scents to communicate to other otters: males live individually, while females and their pups live together in groups. River otters are an important part of the ecosystem; they regulate crustacean and invertebrate life in their environment. The river otter is a strong swimmer and diver, and also a
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How to Set Up a River Aquarium
by static AG in Pets
Loaches, botias and danios are a few fish found naturally in rivers that can also be great aquarium pets. Give these fish and other river-dwelling fish a natural habitat by creating a river aquarium at home. By making a tubular manifold, you can create flowing water in one direction of the tank to recreate river conditions. Adorn the tank with natural decorations, such as river rocks and plants, t
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