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i want to show road effect in cocos2D based game (like a bike is moving on road) iphone
by Mai72 in Programming Languages

i am unable to show road effect in cocos2D based game and also little bit confused about image. what type of image i have to use to show effect and how i can use this image in code to generate moving road effect.

Road Transport Safety & Traffic Management Road Rules
by Anderson in Legal
The Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act is a New South Wales (Australia) law passed in 1999. The purpose of the law was to implement the Australian Road Rules, a national set of regulations which were intended to unify traffic laws across the nation. The law contains provisions pertaining to road safety, including sobriety, speeding and traffic control devices. SobrietyThe law e

Rules for Driving Off-Road Heavy Equipment Over the Road
by jch in Cars
There are numerous industries that rely on using heavy off-road equipment to complete specific jobs. The industries include construction, agriculture and transportation of heavy materials. Although moving heavy machinery and equipment is necessary, it can be hazardous for citizens driving on regular roads. Also, the frequent use of heavy equipment can cause damage to the road itself. Heavy Off-

How to Plan a Back-Road Road Trip
by tedrodai in Sports & Fitness
Embark on a road trip adventure and travel to destinations you've always wanted to visit. Tackling the backroads instead of crowded highways and urban roads has its advantages and disadvantages. Though you may be avoiding traffic and congestion, the back roads may require more fuel because of roundabout routing. However the serene countryside setting can be uplifting. Thorough planning and prepara

How to Find Out if There Are Any Road Delays Due to Road Construction
by IndyColtsFan in Travel
For drivers with important places to be, road delays caused by construction are not only frustrating but can cause them to be late to work or an important event. When you're in a hurry to get somewhere -- or if you just don't have the patience to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic -- there are a few steps you can take to make sure your trip is not delayed by construction. Use the information provided

How to Match up Road Bike Clipless Pedals & Road Bike Shoes
by gnirpaz in Sports & Fitness
As cycling expert Sheldon Brown says, clipless pedal systems have come a long way. Back in the 1970s, cyclists riding clipless had to reach down to their pedal and use their hand to release their foot. As of 2010, you just pivot your heel to disengage. The biggest thing you have to worry about when deciding to go clipless on your road bike is compatibility between your shoes, cleats and pedals.Dif

How can I have more descriptive directions then “unknown road” to “unknown road” in Android
by damomurf in Android

I have items on a map, I would like to give directions to those items. For each map I have a title, and a geopoint (lat, lon). I know that I can send a directions intent using the following :

Uri uri= Uri.parse( "http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=" + currentLocation.getLatitude() + "," + currentLocation.getLongitude() + "&daddr="+mapItem.lat + "," + mapItem.lon );

How to Get Road Tar Off a Car
by HtW in Cars
Black, sticky and generally an ooey-gooey mess, road tar is never a welcome addition to your vehicle's exterior paint. Fortunately, you can remove road tar from your car without investing precious dollars in commercial solvents. Instead, rely on a common household product to help you get the results you want.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
2 plastic containers
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How to Off-Road With 2WD
by Soapy Bones in Cars
Though it might dedicated four-wheel drive enthusiasts might disagree, you can also enjoy off-roading in a two-wheel drive car. Just as with 4WD off-roading, taking a 2WD car off the road requires skill, technique and a large helping of common sense. If you understand the mechanics of 2WD and how it applies to off-roading, there's no reason to be afraid of taking your car into the back country.Dif
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How to Use a Road Map
by Jesse McDowell in Travel
The road map is an essential tool for all things transportation. Commuters, commercial traffic, bicyclists, and even pedestrians must become familiar with road maps to plan and navigate trips at every level of detail. Locals and travelers should learn how to select the right map for the situation, appreciate features of the typical road map, learn to read the map and plot the right course of direc
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