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How to Rock the Skirting Around a Mobile Home Using Real Rock
by Canada in Home & Garden
Decorating mobile home skirting with natural rock can be done if the the skirting is wood or there is a wood frame around the bottom and top of the skirting. This is necessary to hold the wire that in turn holds the rock facing. If your mobile home skirting is fiberglass or plastic, this process will not be successful. There is nothing to attach the screening to and the material is not strong enou

What Conditions Can Cause a Sedimentary Rock to Change to a Metamorphic Rock?
by lockdown571 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Sedimentary rocks are capable of being transformed into metamorphic rocks through a process of metamorphism under certain conditions. Heat and pressure can exert a force that is great enough for the structure of a sedimentary to break down and recrystallize in the form of a metamorphic rock. Depending on the composition of the sedimentary rock and the level of heat and pressure that it experiences

DIY Rock Walls for Edges Between Grass & Rock Landscaping
by xSauronx in Home & Garden
Rocks of all shapes, colors and sizes are natural additions to any landscape design and serve well as edging or borders to separate sections of the landscape. They are often used to build retaining walls if areas are of different levels. Sometimes just a row of rocks will serve as a border, but if a wall is needed, various options open up. Building a Dry Stone WallFlat slabs are easily stacked.

How to Put Faux Rock or Fake Rock Fireplace in
by goffi in Home & Garden
Want a new accent piece in your home. How about a warm cozy fireplace. Could replace video game area.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
basic hand tools

Start by building a platform for your gas fireplace insert. Make this big enough so you have a hearth. Set your fireplace insert. Hook up all ventilation and gas lines. H

How to Put Fake or Faux Rock On. Rock Veneers
by comphollic in Home & Garden
hOW TO PUT FAKE OR FAUX ROCK OR STONES UP.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
roofing nails
spec mix or thinset

Put up a moisture barrier. Tyvek and other house wrap manufacturers make a product for this.
Apply wire mesh. Make sure grooves are up so it will hold the spec mix. Nail this on at about every 6 inches.

Rock-O-Matic 546 Rock Picker Specifications
by eroussel in Careers & Job Searching
The Model 546 rock picker made by the Rock-O-Matic company of Vonda, Saskatchewan, which is in Canada, is a piece of farm equipment. It can be dragged behind a tractor to clear a field of rocks ranging in size from approximately 2 to 22 inches, preparing the field for plowing and eventual planting. Weight and DimensionsWith its hopper empty, the Rock-O-Matic 546 weighs 2,082 kl, with 912 kl of

Party Ideas for Sock Hop Rock and 50s Rock
by Cornflex in Parties & Entertaining
Your guests can twist the night away when you plan a 50s sock hop theme party. Capitalize on the 50s fads, pastimes and icons when planning the party. Adults and children can enjoy eating, drinking and having a great time during a sock hop. As a party favor, extend a coonskin cap to each party-goer in celebration of the fad honoring by Davy Crockett. Music and GamesThe 50s were all about having

Metamorphic Rock & Igneous Rock Types
by Blackjack200 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
All of the rocks found on our planet can be divided into three types, based upon how they were formed: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Igneous rocks are volcanic rocks formed from cooling magma or lava. They are divided into intrusive, having cooled under the Earth's surface, and extrusive, having cooled above the Earth's surface. Metamorphic rocks are created by combinations of immense pres

The Difference Between Rock & Hard Rock
by Mahi in Arts & Entertainment
From anthemic melodies to crunchy guitar riffs, rock and hard rock continue to be popular among music fans, selling out large venues across the world. While these genres share many similarities, there are some differences between the two. These differences help create a band's identity, as well as to give some general guidelines when crafting their sound. Overall SoundHard rock is typically lou

What Type of Rock Saw Do I Want for Rough Rock?
by ms-access in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Rock saws are the most complicated of all the various types of saws. They are mainly used for cutting through large amounts of rock, as opposed to single rocks. There are a variety of materials that make up rock saw blades. It is important to select the correct blade for the task. It is also important that only experienced persons use rock saws as they require someone with strength and endurance

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