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The Difference Between Great Rooms, Family Rooms & Living Rooms
by Chennai in Home & Garden
The rooms in American homes have changed with the times, and great rooms, family rooms and living rooms are mutating as well. You're no longer required to follow a strict formula when decorating and designing. Your great room, family room and living room should reflect your lifestyle rather than old rules about decor. Nonetheless, each room is defined by certain customary characteristics. The livi

Ideas for Dining Rooms, Livings Rooms & Hallways That Are Connected
by cbrunny in Home & Garden
While some, usually older, homes have various rooms for cooking, eating and relaxing, more contemporary homes combine these areas in one open space. This gives the home a feeling of spaciousness and promotes interaction among family members who may be engaged in separate activities. If you have an open-space home, you may want to define certain areas without making them seem separate. You can do t

My SQL query is failing to get low cost rooms at multiple rooms bookings
by takuya in Databases

Bellow is my "rooms" mysql table. (This is example table i have created to show here.)

I want to show low cost rooms in case multiple room bookings. Ex: User have select two room, 1 adult in first room and 2 adults in second room. Now my result should come as below

My Query is : SELECT * FROM rooms WHERE hotel_code="100" GROUP BY adult+child O

How to Paint Rooms Different Colors When the Rooms Run Together
by M0dusFRee in Home & Garden
Paint is the easiest way to add definition and individuality to a room. Color sets the tone for a space more than other elements in a room. With the important role color plays, choosing the right one, or combination, is critical to create a harmonious and complementary look in spaces where rooms run together.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Cover the bottom third of a wall with one color

About Sun Rooms
by Mattias Reichel in Home & Garden
A sunroom is an addition built onto a home to allow for as much natural light to flow in as possible. Sunrooms are filled with windows that allow for ample viewing of the outdoor area. There are different types and styles of sunrooms. Homeowners look to a sunroom as an attractive addition and to add value to their property. FunctionA sunroom is utilized to bring sunlight into a living space. Be
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Orlando Tea Rooms
by David Marchant in Travel
Orlando, Florida, is the fifth biggest city in the state and was originally a major citrus-growing area. Now, it is best known as the home of Disney World and its related theme parks, including Sea World. Millions of visitors flock to Orlando every year, and some of them are tea lovers. Recently, tea has become even more popular as news of its antioxidant properties are now well known. Team ro
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What Are Chat Rooms?
by zz64 in Internet
Chatrooms are popular hangouts on the Internet. Many teenagers, parents and business people use them as a method for communication to keep in contact with family, friends and co-workers. While chatrooms can be very useful and beneficial, they also can be hangouts for Internet predators as well. Read below to find out more about these virtual communication platforms and the proper ways to use them.
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About Soundproofing Rooms
by ivoidwarranties in Home & Garden
Noise can make you public enemy number one with your neighbors when your music invades their living space, polluting their atmosphere. This situation is common, especially in high-rise apartment buildings, duplexes and apartment complexes where a dividing wall is "common" to both parties. There are a number of soundproofing remedies you may use to eliminate the din and keep your neighbors happy.

Hotels With Spa Rooms
by Marc Dong in Travel
Travelers to high-end resorts and hotels expect spa amenities. A number of luxury hotel chains, independent resorts and boutique hotels also offer spa-themed rooms that promote a healthy lifestyle. These individual "live in" retreat rooms pamper guests with steam showers, saunas, soaking tubs, massage tables and spaces for yoga and exercise. For the discerning traveler, here is a sampling of luxur
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About Powder Rooms
by Rida Al Barazi in Home & Garden
Powder rooms (often referred to as "half baths") are, generally, smaller versions of full bathrooms, typically consisting of a toilet, a mirror and a silk, and never a bathtub or shower. Powder rooms are generally the smallest rooms found in residences. They usually are about 4 feet by 5 feet in size. Powder rooms also usually function as guest bathrooms. Because of this, many people like to decor
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