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How to Bridge a WRT150N Linksys Router With a DD-WRT SP2 Firmware to a GT704-WG-B Verizon Router
by Matt Corr in Computers
DD-WRT SP2 is freeware router firmware that is used to extend the features of many different routers, including the WRT150N Linksys router. One of its features is the increased capability of a router to work as a wireless bridge. As with most other firmware or updates, the configuration options you choose are similar to those you choose on routers without the firmware. In general, the DD-WRT firmw

Backbone Router - Browser Back Button Not Triggering Router Methods
by soup006 in Web Design

I have a Backbone Router set up that seemingly works - the routes get triggered properly, the views update, etc. However, when I press the browser's "Back" button, the routes aren't triggered at all. Also, typing in a URL into the browser doesn't trigger the routers either. Is there some step I'm missing to bind the browser specific things to Backbone (Firefox 11).


Mule: What's the difference between a multicasting-router and a static-recipient-list-router?
by BabaBooey in Programming Languages

I can't really see a difference between a multicasting-router and a static-recipient-list-router. Why would I use one over the other?

According to Mule-2.x user guide

Recipient List

the Recipient list router can be used
to send the same event to multiple
endpoints over the same endpoint or to
implement routing-slip behaviour

is it possible to write python scripts which can do router configuration without telnetting into the router?
by Bjørn Håkon in Programming Languages

i want to do router configuration using python , but dont want to use any application level protocol to configure it . Is it possible to deal it on a hardware level ? Please do tell if the question is vague or if it needs more explanation , then I would put more details on as to what I have my doubt in

How to Connect Your Internet Router to a Second Wireless Router With a CAT6 Cable
by Damien in Internet
Routers in computer networks have at least two network interfaces and send the network traffic of each connected interface along the way to its proper destination based on an IP address. Most home and small business routers have a single incoming WAN or Internet interface, a local LAN interface that is typically connected to an internal four-port switch. You can connect the Internet-facing router

How to Connect a Wireless Network Router to a Wired VoIP Router
by mndoci in Computers
The basic setup for a wireless and voiceover Internet protocol (VoIP) router is straightforward and can be hooked up in a matter of minutes. The routers attach using regular Ethernet cables that look like they have oversized telephone jacks on either end. Each router should come with a cable in the box, so you shouldn't have to buy more. If you do need extras, you can get them at any electronics s

How to Add a Wireless Router to an Existing Wired Home Network Router
by monkee in Computers
Wireless Internet is all the rage these days, but not everyone has, or has had need for, wireless technology. Regardless, chances are that at some point, everyone will need it or use it in some fashion. This will mean the addition of a wireless router or access point to the existing home network. Not to worry--this is actually quite simple and can be done without replacing the existing router in t

How to Bridge a Wireless Connection With a Linksys Router & a Netgear Router
by MikeG in Computers
The Wireless Distribution Standard was developed as a means for different wireless routers to act as a single large wireless network. The two biggest advantages of using WDS between two or more wireless routers is that the wireless coverage is expanded and the overall wireless network still appears and acts to the client devices as a single wireless network, regardless of which router it connects

How Do I Port Forward My Router for Ares on the Gateway 2Wire Router?
by Funkwarrior in Computers
Ares is a file-sharing P2P (Peer to Peer) program that is free to download. Depending on the router you use with your computer, it may be necessary to forward a few of the router's ports for Ares to work properly. If you use a 2Wire Gateway router, it is necessary to forward the network ports used by Ares. By doing so, all traffic using those ports will be directed right to your computer.Difficult

Emberjs 1.0-pre router can't find state for path and says router is undefined
by Traveling around the world in Development Tools & Services

This Emberjs router refuses to work with jsfiddle Jquery onDomReady and returns the error ; Uncaught Error: assertion failed: Could not find state for path: "root".

However, when i change the jsfiddle jquery settings to onLoad, the page loads but the router still seems unrecognized and any attempt to do a manually transition of the router fails with the message error: Cannot call m

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