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Ruby on Rails: rb_class_superclass not located in msvcrt-ruby191.dll (ruby-prof error?)
by Puffnstuff in Programming Languages

So, long story short, I had o format and reinstall my OS hence all my dev utilities.
git env sorted.
DevKit was fine.
Sphinx/mysql fine.
Bundle installed perfectly.
Everything is gravy until I go to rake db:create and build my database.

OS: Win7 64-bit
gem -v 1.8.24
rails 3.1.3

Now the problem, when I rake

How to post, create events and invite friends on Facebook using Ruby? May be Ruby on Rails
by piratus in Programming Languages

Is there any interface or a gem that is useful for a Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer for:

Posting posts;
Sending invatation to friends;
Create events on Facebook

Howto get include directories (ruby.h) for Linux Ruby C extension project?
by SystemOverclock in Operating Systems

I'm using scons to build a linux C based ruby extension. What is the "right" way to get the include paths right? By "right" I mean it works out of the box on 1.9 and 1.8.

I don't want to use the mkmf/Makefile solution.

Thanks! Dave

Can anybody suggest any good remote courses to learn ruby and ruby on rails?
by slippysoup in Programming Languages

I would like to learn ruby and ruby on rails better :) I'm interested in any remote courses avaliable

Problems installing Ruby on Mountain Lion - ruby 1.9.3 wont' compile
by dmxlite in Development Tools & Services

I have seen a number of posts on this before and have followed their instructions but nothing is working. I'll outline below what I have done, and the instructions I have follows - would be grateful for any advice!

I have followed the following installation instructions:

I have downloaded X-code for O

Ruby on Rails: send javascript array of arrays to ruby controller
by billputer in Javascript

I would like to send a javascript array of arrays to my ruby controller. I am a bit lost. My question is in the controller. Here is what I have so far:

(totalChanges is an array of arrays. JSON.stringify(totalChanges) might look like this:



<div id="dataTable"

ruby eval method is halting the displaying of UI form in ruby on rails
by Valentine in Web Design

I have written one helper method in rails that is populating the data in the select tag.

Data population in the select tag is done using eval method which evaluating some ruby code and after executing whatever data is returned from that ruby code it is then populated in the select_tag options.

My problem is in the UI form(select_tag and some labels) is not getting displ

Ruby / Installation Package - What is the fastest way to setup a Ruby environment in Windows?
by Miklebud in Programming Languages

I currently work in a LAMP environment and use XAMPP to setup my dev environment in Windows. Are there similar installers that package all of the essential and commonly-used Ruby development tools?

RUBY ON RAILS - “msvcrt-ruby18.dll was not found” with Ruby
by john3850 in Programming Languages

i am using:
windows 7
rails 3.0

whenever i try to run rake db:migrate. i get the following error in popup...

This application has failed to start because msvcrt-ruby18.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem.

need help here..

Ruby on Rails ActiveSupport or plain Ruby way of merging arrays into a hash
by Vlad Sirenko in Programming Languages

What's a smart way of using ActiveSupport or perhaps regular built in Ruby functionality to take two arrays and merge them into a hash where each element in an array matches the element in a parallel array? imagine two arrays:

names = ["Danny", "Johnny"]
ages = ["25", "32"]

The end result should be a hash that looks like:

{"Danny" => "2

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