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What is Rushing in Football?
by CRaul87 in Sports & Fitness
The term "rushing" in football is used to describe plays during which the offense hands the ball off to a running back who attempts to gain yardage by running with the ball. Rushing can also be used to describe a quarterback keeping the ball and running with it or trick plays where receivers are given the ball to run with it. Any yardage gained in this manner is called rushing yards. If a player g

How to Fix Rushing on Chairs
by Jarques in Home & Garden
Rushing and caning is a disappearing art, and finding a professional to fix rushing on older chairs is not easy. By following directions, a do-it-yourselfer can get the job done. Replacing a seat with natural rush can take up to 12 hours, but fiber rush replacement seats generally take approximately four hours. The result is a beautiful, authentic rushing seat to enhance a vintage chair.Difficulty
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NFL Rushing Leader History
by weenerdog in Sports & Fitness
In the National Football League the term "rushing leader" is applied to that individual who gains the most yards carrying the football on running plays over the course of the season. In the early days of the league, the rushing leader seldom broke the 1,000 yard barrier, but as time passed 1,000-yard seasons became routine. The 2,000 yard mark has been eclipsed five times and multiple players have

The Steps to Re-Rushing a Chair
by iamwiz82 in Home & Garden
Maybe you picked up a chair at a yard sale or flea market for a great price. But it needs some work. The chair's rushing is broken and will not take too many people sitting in it before someone falls through. Re-rushing a chair is not all that difficult. Finding the rushing may be the most difficult part of making your chair look like new. The RushingFind the rush at a local furniture repair sh

Steps to Rushing a Chair
by Mike in Home & Garden
Rush is a type of fiber that is made into a cord. This fiber can be woven into a chair seat using techniques that have been employed for centuries. The old rush is removed when it begins to fall apart or becomes damaged. Often the rush will begin to fray and separate, causing the seat to become weaker as the strands thin out. The rush can be cut off using a utility knife, and pliers are used to re

How to Record Rushing Yardage in Football
by OutOfBrain in Sports & Fitness
Rushing yardage is the number of yards a team gains on a running play that starts at the line of scrimmage. The total rushing yardage is an important statistic to keep track of because it often reflects which team is controlling the game.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Write down the number of the player who carried the ball and the result of each play. If No. 40 runs for 10 yards on a play tha

How to Stop a Horse Rushing Jumps
by snapshooter in Pets
A horse that rushes his jumps may have a number of factors at work that are causing the rushing. If you break down the jump process and examine the problem from the horse's perspective, you can soon retrain a horse to stop rushing his jumps.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Examine the horse carefully to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with him. If he has any bit of problem wit

How Do I Get My Child to Stop Rushing in School?
by Meski in Education
If your child rushes through her schoolwork, it can lead to careless errors that can negatively affect her grades. Students rush through school for a variety of reasons--overconfidence or lack of confidence, wanting to do something else, and thinking that being finished first is best. While you can't always control what she's doing in school, you can help her to develop the skills that she needs t

How to Reduce the Sound of Water Rushing Through Pipes
by Paul J Warner in Home & Garden
The sound of rushing water in pipes, particularly at night, is caused by the draining of water from sinks, showers, bathtubs or toilets. Incoming water is under pressure, meaning there is little air mixed with the water to make noise as it travels through the pipes. The only option for quieting the sound of rushing water in your pipes is to insulate the pipes.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions

How to Teach a Lead Guitar Player to Stop Rushing
by sorcerermerlin in Arts & Entertainment
A great lead guitar player can make a band positively stand out, while a bad one can quickly derail it. The lead guitarist is typically playing a "lead" part that stands out among the other band members, often in the form of a solo. Unfortunately, when a lead guitar player starts to rush, it upsets the feel and tempo of the song. Take steps to prevent this from happening.Difficulty:ModerateInstruc

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