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How to Change a 120V Primary-12V Secondary Transformer to a 24V Secondary
by cashshadow in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A step-down transformer is used to reduce the output voltage of an AC signal without changing the total power of that signal. Step-down transformers are rated according to either the turns ratio between the transformer primary and secondary (such as a "2:1 transformer"), or they are rated for both input and output voltage (such as a "120V/12V transformer"). If you require 24 volts of electrical p

(SECONDARY INDEXING in hbase ) how to insert the data in secondary column table in hbase ? Hbase coprocessor hook preput()
by nologicon in Programming Languages

Hey am new to coprocessor . can any one help me to to undesrstand the coprocessor work flow .? what i have done as of now is , wrote one map-reduce code top inserting the data to some table say new_10 and i wrote the code for loading coprocessor with table descriptor(see below ).

public cl

What Is a Secondary Use FCC License?
by pmaiorana in Culture & Society
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began auctions of the broadcast spectrum for communications in 1993. In 2003, the FCC began examining ways to regulate the trading of licenses awarded in auctions for companies to operate a portion of the broadcast spectrum. FCCThe FCC is a U.S. government agency responsible for the operation of the interstate and international communications systems,

When Is Medicare Secondary?
by zealot1983 in Health
Medicare is a federally funded health insurance program that pays for covered health-care services provided to enrolled members age 65 and older; certain disabled individuals and individuals with permanent kidney failure also qualify. In certain cases, Medicare is a secondary payer when another health insurance is responsible for paying for covered services before Medicare does. Workers' Compen

Art Secondary Schools
by dunlop in Education
Art secondary schools provide a structured environment for serious students of art at the pre-college level. These schools tap into the many skills and abilities that art students bring into the classroom and build on them in a way that helps these kids develop other skills like reading and math aptitudes. A number of different types of art secondary schools exist, allowing students to select the

What Is Secondary Succession?
by PsyberMonkey in Health
Secondary succession refers to the regrowth of a habitat in the area where a disruptive event has occurred and eliminated the existing, above ground plant life of the natural habitat. The disruptive event may be a forest fire, tree harvesting or a hurricane. The disruptive event causes only the plant life above ground to stop growing. Underground plants and seeds that have not sprouted above the g

What Are the Causes of Secondary Amyloidosis?
by tonix in Health
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Secondary Causes of Osteoporosis
by FlyOnTheWall43 in Health
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Causes of Secondary Hypertension
by Train in Health
Secondary hypertension, also known as secondary high blood pressure, is a sudden condition characterized by an elevation in blood pressure. While both primary hypertension and secondary hypertension have the same basic effects on your body, the causes of each are different. Primary hypertension is usually due to things like diet, weight and heredity; the specific causes of secondary hypertension a

What Is Secondary Melanoma?
by Dennis Caldwell in Health
Melanoma, a type of cancer, starts in the melanocytes, which are skin cells that contain color. When melanoma spreads to other tissues, it is called secondary melanoma. Melanomas are typically graded as being at one of four different stages. IdentificationMelanocytes are cells that contain color and are responsible for supplying the pigment of the skin and other tissues. When these cells bec


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