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How to Send an SMS to StarHub
by phokus in Electronics
StarHub Mobile is the second largest mobile service provider in Singapore. The company provides mobile services to close to two million customers. Most phones offered by the company are capable of sending and receiving SMS messages. An SMS message is a brief text message consisting of 160 characters that can be sent between two mobile phones. You can send an SMS to a StarHub customer from anywhere
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How to Test My Starhub Plan
by lewing in Internet
Cellphones, television and broadband Internet are just a few of the options for Starhub users when creating an account. Starhub offers a package deal for individual plans used by the majority of households. The idea is to group together each of these to lower your monthly bill, by having one service provider for all your electronic needs. Once you create an account, you can test it in several ways
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How to Check Your StarHub Balance
by DarkKnightDude in Electronics
StarHub, a Singapore-based communication company, offers customers and business clients services ranging from telecommunications to cable TV. Its GREEN Prepaid SIM service gives users the option of paying ahead of time or wiring funds directly to their StarHub account. To check your balance, enter a few simple characters into your phone or call the toll-free hotline available 24 hours a day.Diffic

How to Do a StarHub Prepaid Conference Call
by Mandaris in Electronics
Conference calling allows people to conduct phone meetings with colleagues, clients, vendors and others who are not in the same room. StarHub is a telecommunications company that provides prepaid international conference calling to businesses. Clients in the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore can use region-specific telephone and access numbers to use their prepaid conference calling serv

How to Access StarHub Voicemail From Overseas
by ERaubenheimer in Electronics
StarHub is one of the largest mobile providers in Singapore. StarHub subscribers have the option of checking voicemail while traveling overseas. The process differs from checking voicemail domestically because the typical voicemail access setup does not work internationally. Attempting to use the domestic access method will only result in an error.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Call the StarHub in

How to Troubleshoot a StarHub Digital Video Recorder
by cbridi in Electronics
The StarHub is a high-definition digital video recorder (DVR) and is used by many cable providers around the world. Most companies do require a monthly service fee, but once connected you can record your favorite high-definition video recording at any time of the day. If, however, the StarHub DVR is not functioning properly you need to go through its hardware and connection settings to determine w

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