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How can I use a regular expression to match something in the form 'stuff=foo' 'stuff' = 'stuff' 'more stuff'
by mikko in Programming Languages

I need a regexp to match something like this,

'text' | 'text' | ... | 'text'(~text) = 'text' | 'text' | ... | 'text'

I just want to divide it up into two sections, the part on the left of the equals sign and the part on the right. Any of the 'text' entries can have "=" between the ' characters though. I was thinking of trying to match an even number of 's followed by a =

Notepad++ regex replace print( stuff ); with echo stuff;
by Italy in Programming Languages

I am trying to do a notpad++ replace with regex but I can't figure out how to do it.

search: print( ignore this stuff );

replace: echo ignored stuff ;

How to Freecycle Stuff ( get tons of free stuff while giving away your junk)
by Erik in Culture & Society
Freecycle is an online, nonprofit movement that is used by individuals to recycle items they no longer need, as well as find items that they are looking for. Many freecycling groups have formed worldwide; while each group has its own specific rules, there are several guidelines for use with each. Join a freecycle group to turn your trash into another person's treasure.Difficulty:Moderately EasyIns

change domain.com/folder/stuff to domain.com/stuff using mod_rewrite
by DevTim in Web Design

I would like to 301 redirect




How can I do this using mod_rewrite?

is var x = new Stuff(); x.DoStuff(); faster than new Stuff().DoStuff();?
by Mykola Novik in Programming Languages

is var x = new Stuff(); x.DoStuff();faster than new Stuff().DoStuff(); ?

I'm not sure why but I noticed in my code that the first method makes it faster, anybody knows which one is faster and why ?

Fun Stuff to Do With Your PSP
by PrinceMyshkin in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) is a hand-held multi-media device that allows you to play video games, watch movies and TV shows, listen to music and more. Totally wireless, the PSP can fit inside your pocket, backpack, purse or any other type of carrying case. The more you know about the PSP features, the more fun you can get out of it. MoviesThe Sony PSP allows you to watch movies in one
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Fun Stuff to Do with Your Dog
by brainhulk in Pets
Doing fun activities with your dog is very important. While engaged in fun activities, you will naturally be given opportunities to communicate with your dog and teach it appropriate manners. Fun activities can offer it the chance to interact with other dogs, as well as learn to behave properly. Fun activities that provide exercise for it will keep the dog healthy and mentally engaged. Boredom can
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How to Get Stuff Out of Your Eye
by juma in Health
Eyebrows and eyelashes naturally protect your eye from foreign particles. Still, the occasional piece of fuzz, eyelash or even small bug becomes painful if trapped inside your eye or under your eyelid. Avoid rubbing, which can push the object further back into your eye socket or potentially scratch the surface of your cornea. Keeping the foreign object easily accessible is important because you ca
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How to Get More Mii Stuff on Wii
by chardin in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Avatars have become so widespread that entire games and even movies have been created around and about them. A Mii is a character that a Nintendo Wii user can create and personalize to reflect individual tastes and styles. Players can use Miis to reflect reality or create a virtual identity for themselves that they can share with other Wii users around the world and play with in a variety of Wii g
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How to Do Spy Stuff
by Kapishin in Careers & Job Searching
Spying on people can land you in big trouble if you're looking where you don't belong. But, if you have a craving to spy on people, there are several ways you can do so legally, either as a career or to satisfy personal reasons. No matter your reasons, to spy legally you must take several steps.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Spying as a CareerSelect a career that will allow you t
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