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How to get support emails to thead properly with Drupal's Support Ticketing System module
Category : Web Design

I am using the Support Ticketing System module (6.x-1.x-dev) I have written a support request in the issues section for the module, but have not received any help yet. My post is here http://drupal.org/node/902262 I am having trouble getting newly received emails to match against existing tickets. This module has an option to "Thread emails using mail headers" on its settings page. That seem

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Do any JS implementations currently support (or have support on the roadmap for) fast, vectorized operations on Arrays or similar?
Category : Web Design

I'd like to do a bit of matrix/vector arithmetic in JavaScript, and was wondering if any browsers or other JS implementations actually have support for vectorized operations, for instance for quickly summing the entries of two Arrays (or summing, or whatever). Even if that currently doesn't mean it compiles down to vectorized operations, at least some language support would be nice for when it

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Does legacy salt string support in Moodle 1.9.7 include support for non-salted passwords?
Category : Programming Languages

We have an active Moodle installation recently updated to 1.9.7. This site has never used password salts before. I want to enable password salts on the system, as Moodle recommends now for 1.9.7, but I am not sure if the legacy salt support setting includes support for non-salted passwords.

Reviewing the password sale documentation on Moodle.org doesn't make it clear (to me) if the

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Does Google Maps Mobile include support for GPS Augmentation (WAAS). If not, is such support planned?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I would like to know Does Google Maps include support for GPS Augmentation (WAAS).I cant find any information about this on the internet.Any help will be appreciated.

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ios custom label not support font family only support Lucida Grande?
Category : Mobile Programming

i'm using Lucida Grande font family it works fine.

FontLabel *label4 = [[FontLabel alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(10, 6, 250, 50)];
ZMutableAttributedString *str = [[ZMutableAttributedString alloc] initWithString:cmd_string
attributes:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:

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If Child Support Is Paid From a Social Security Trust, How Does the Support Get Modified?
Category : Personal Finance
When the court orders child support, a set of state-specific guidelines determine the amount and frequency of the payments. Generally, child support depends on income and the number of children involved. In some states, the non-custodial parent's income is the only one counted. In other states, both parents must submit income figures and support depends on a percentage basis. State laws govern the

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Exactly how many users can Support Blazeds Messeging service ? for much user support what we need to do(pooling)?
Category : Programming Languages

I designed one On line Trading Application, which uses blazeds & jetty,
in that i used AMF-LongPooling as channel, with following parameter,

Here is the problem is Each message is not reaching all the user,who are connected, messages are missing to few users (300 recieving out of 600)...

what we need to do to provided instant messages to all Online. ??

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GUI + multithreading support + regex support. Which language? JAVA / Python / Ruby?
Category : Java

I'm interested in learning a programming language with support for GUI, multithreading and easy test manipulation (support for regex).

Mainly on Windows but preferably cross-platform. What does the Stack Overflow community suggest?

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getFragmentManager() returns null, with android.support.v4.app.DialogFragment support libraray
Category : Android

here is the fragment dialog:

import android.support.v4.app.DialogFragment;
public static class SensorMeasurmentsDialogFragment extends DialogFragment {
public static SensorMeasurmentsDialogFragment newInstance(int title) {
SensorMeasurmentsDialogFragment frag = new SensorMeasurmentsDialogFragment();
Bundle args = new Bundle();

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How to Build a Wooden Support Beam to Support a Load-Bearing Wall
Category : Home & Garden
Your home is built with both partition walls and load-bearing walls. Partition walls are in place to separate one room from another. Load-bearing walls are more important to a home's construction; they carry the weight of the room above. Removing a load bearing wall to extend a room is possible, but only if the correct precautions are taken. Installing a supporting beam to hold the weight when the

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