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Are Safari & Mobile Safari rendering rounded borders with radius and padding incorrectly?
by Nate Childers in Web Design

Safari and Mobile Safari seem to have a problem when you combine border radius, padding and borders. Works fine in Chrome and Firefox.

<-- Expected

<-- Safari Rendering


<img src="http://lorempixel.com/200/200/animals/3/" />


img {
width: 200px;
height: 200px;

jQtouch webapp behaving working fine on mac Safari but won't work on iPhone Safari
by markku in Web Design

This is my first web app and I developed this one by following Jonathan Stark's Building iphone apps with HTML, css and javascript. Everything was testing ok on my mac safari, even when I select Develop > User Agent > Mobile Safari... You can view the above site in your safari and see it's working fine.

However when I finally (thought I had) finished everything and view stuffs from

How can I make the regular Safari browser open with a Mobile Safari Web Application on iPhone?
by BeeBoop in Mobile Programming

I'm trying to make a simple Mobile Safari Web Application for the iPhone that for the most part opens up a website on a button press. But I would like that website to open in the regular Safari browser not within the Mobile Safari Web Application. The javascript:


doesn't work. I'm developing it in Dashcode ala:

Safari: how to load a file without getting Safari to stop the current Ajax request
by maximumbob in Web Design

I have a page where:

At a regular interval (5s), an Ajax request is sent to the server to refresh the page.
The page has links (<a href="...">) allowing the user to download documents.

And this is what happens:

In some cases, the user clicks the link to download the file while the Ajax request is in progress.
The link points to a file that

safari 5 extension - javascript problem - safari seems to cache the page and the DOM state
by sjmorrison in Javascript

I've written a greasemonkey javascript that works fine in NinjaKit the new Safari userscript manager, but when I try and compile the same script using the Safari 5 extension builder I get some very weird behaviour.

The script gives the user an options editing screen, when you click the save button, the script saves the users preferences as a JSON packet via the HTML5 localstorage AP

Cache Manifest working flawlessly in Chrome, Safari, but NOT mobile Safari
by DarkKnightDude in Development Tools & Services

Trying to utilize a cache manifest -- everything seems to work fine in Chrome and Safari, but not mobile Safari.

I've ensured that I've adhered to standards outlined for HTML5 offline apps:

<html manifest="cache.manifest">
to the single-site page that's loaded

Ensured the MIME type of the manifest is correct (set in .htaccess):

Best HTML5 Video Format for Safari on Window (or getting VP8 to play in Safari on Windows)
by danil in Web Design

Here's the deal, through a huge series of events, I am stuck using Safari on Windows for video playback in HTML5.

I can't use any other browser, Chrome is out of the question, I must use Safari and it has to be on Windows for hardware compatibility.

The best format I've found is a h.264 Quicktime file, but I'm still getting some frames dropped and a bit of tearing.


Header DIV disappears on resize in Safari but works in Firefox and Safari Mobile
by Matt in Web Design

So I've had this issue with my header. My site is adaptive and when it reaches tablet size and less the navigation turns into a drop down box. When I resize the window in Firefox it degrades nicely, but in Safari, when it reaches the switch the whole header disappears. I've been toiling with it and discovered that when I removed the slider or set the sliders display to "none" it works. When the

Can a webpage in mobile Safari check whether Settings > Safari > Accept Cookies 'From visited' or 'Always' is selected?
by domis in Operating Systems

Is there a JavaScript function or something that iOS provides so that I can check how strict the cookie setting is from a webpage?

If there isn't something that iOS provides, is there an industry standard process for detecting which setting is being used? My initial idea is to drop a cookie and check whether it's there...but I was wondering whether there is a better way.

Is keyboard (arrow key) navigation supported in dijit.Tree 1.3 on Safari 1.3? Safari 1.3 onkeypress onkeydown question
by mii in Web Design

I first noticed apparent lack of keyboard support for navigation in dijit.Tree and am aware there were changes to keypress keydown behaviour around Safari 1.3.1

Also there was significant thought put in by dojo contributors on best way to go, e.g. trak 6876

Recently i have had issue with some of my own keydown handlers not firing

(The two seem linked because


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