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Do I need to check the registry for killbits/safe for scripting/safe for initializing before calling CoCreateInstance?
by Knoxy in Programming Languages

I'm trying to learn the specifics of ActiveX objects, how they work, and safe ways to use them.

I know that the Internet Explorer checks whether or not an object is safe for scripting and safe for initialization by looking it up in the registry. IE also checks the killbits.

Is this done automatically in a call to CoCreateInstance, or do I have to do it myself before cal

C++/Win32 deprecated string functions: mbstowcs, wcstombs, safe or not safe?
by cbrunny in Programming Languages

The compiler (VC 2010) keeps complaining about me using them.

In case not safe, please offer simplest replacement.

Is a direct assignment of a volatile variable thread safe? As safe as an AtomicReference?
by Paul in Programming Languages

Is this as safe as using an AtomicReference?

private volatile String myMember;
public void setMyMember(String s) {
myMember = s;


private final AtomicReference<String> myMember = new AtomicReference<>();
public void setMyMember(String s) {
while (true) {
String current = myMember.ge

best python lib to clean the tag (not safe), and keep the tag that i think safe
by Darren Torpey in Programming Languages

ex: i want to clean the "script" tag , but i want to keep the 'a' tag ,

so what lib you using to do this .

and i use jquery cleditor for WYSIWYG HTML editor , can it do this for me automatically ?


If I'm safe from CSRF, am I safe from spambots?
by Mattias Reichel in Web Design

I've read up quite a bit on spam prevention, and this is one apparent solution that keeps being suggested:

Use a token and put it into a session
and also add it to the form. If the
token is not submitted with the form
or doesn't match then it is automated
and can be ignored.

Source: http://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/3588/how-do-s

Does Microwave-Safe Mean Oven-Safe?
by CrookedNumber in Home & Garden
When choosing dishes and food storage containers, it is important to consider how these will be used. Some dishes and containers are sold as being safe to use in a microwave oven. Other dishes and containers are sold as being safe to use in a conventional oven. However, dishes or containers that are "microwave-safe" are not necessarily "oven-safe." Microwave-Safe PlasticsMicrowave-safe plastic

How to Reset Password as an XP Administrator in Safe Mode Without Safe Mode Pro
by Anubis in Computers
Windows XP enables the restoration of a system password through a unique environment known as safe mode. Several versions of safe mode are available from the computer's boot menu, including safe mode with and without a command prompt, so there is no need to reset the password from safe mode (prompt) version if you do not wish. This entire process requires very basic computer knowledge and can be a

name safe on top of type safe
by Soapy Bones in Web Design

Has anyone got the same need I have for a "name safe"--please define--on top of a "type safe"--please define? I don't have any questions about type safes; I'm just looking for a name safe.

Sample question: you've built an xpath/xquery to run against xml. Is there a way/tool that will check the "xml element/attribute name" against the schema during design and/or compile time? This

TAGS : name safe type safe

How safe is my safe rethrow?
by ezzze in Programming Languages

(Late edit: This question will hopefully be obsolete when Java 7 comes, because of the "final rethrow" feature which seems like it will be added.)

Quite often, I find myself in situations looking like this:

do some initialization
try {
do some work
} catch any exception {
undo initialization
rethrow exception
TAGS : safe safe rethrow

Migrate from a Non Thread Safe php to Thread Safe php server
by BiaachMonkie in PHP

I have a web project that for compiling it I use a Non Thread Safe version of php,

but my customer have a Thread Safe version of php on his server and when run the

project, there's many errors on each pages.
the question is: how i can fix it without changing server?
can we run Non Thread Safe project on Thread Safe server?
i use ms iis but my customer us


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