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How to Become a Saint
by Omer72 in Culture & Society
To become a saint in today's day and age is really a miracle. It is not impossible, just highly unlikely that one can actually attain sainthood in our times. But to the person who really strives for it sainthood is possible, maybe.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Become a servant of God. You must giving your life to God and rejecting worldly pleasures. That means no sex, booze or foul languag
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About Saint Bernards
by Martin Dobrev in Pets
One of the heaviest dog breeds in the world, the Saint Bernard is not recommended for first-time dog owners. Although featured in movies and the Howard Huge comic strip, Saint Bernards do not fit in well with the average family. They require a lot of time, attention and money. They are incredidibly intelligent and get bored easily. If they are bored and you don't provide them with exercise or a ga

Who Is Saint Columbkille?
by YuriyLazarev in Culture & Society
Look into the life of this well-known saint and find one of the finer examples of the early Catholic Church. Learn the meaning of St. Columbkille's name and what set him apart from other Christian men of his time. You'll come to recognize a symbol you've undoubtedly seen in countless places, as representative of this man and his faith. HistoryAn altar in this church is dedicated to St. Columbki

How to Keep a Saint Bernard
by Brian in Pets
Saint Bernards are very large dogs that are intelligent, friendly and people-oriented. They make excellent family pets because they are loyal and gentle. They are relatively easy to keep, as they are easy to train, do not have special grooming requirements and have few health problems. The biggest challenge to keeping a Saint Bernard is proving space and proper exercise to keep these dogs mentally
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How do I Buy a Saint B MP3 Player?
by snapshooter in Electronics
Imagine being able to listen to your favorite music while simultaneously demonstrating your love, respect and worship of Jesus Christ. This concerted act of praising God and listening to tunes was the design inspiration behind one of the more unique MP3 players in existence today: the Saint B MP3 player. Designed to look like the cross on which Jesus was crucified, the Saint B player prototype was
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Uses of Saint Bernards
by KingGuppy in Pets
The Saint Bernard is a large breed dog, weighing an average of 150 to 200 pounds. It is very powerful and muscular, with a broad head and muzzle. Another feature of the Saint Bernard is the abundant amount of drool it produces. Saint Bernards were once used as rescue dogs, but the Saint Bernard of today more often plays the role of companion, show dog, service dog and acting dog. Rescue DogsDoc

How to Celebrate Saint Nicholas Day
by FuzzyHornet in Holidays & Celebrations
A real-life bishop in what is now Turkey, Saint Nicholas earned his sainthood for numerous miracles, but his neighbors knew him best as a kind and generous man with a great fondness for children. Today, in many parts of the world Saint Nicholas delivers gifts on the eve of his Feast Day, December 6, and Christmas is reserved for the religious observance of Christ's birth.Difficulty:EasyInstruction

How to Make Saint Spoons
by Matt in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Whether you are looking for an All Saints Day craft or honoring a particular saint on his feast day, a saint spoon craft can be incorporated into the celebration. By decorating a wooden craft spoon, adding paper clothing and small embellishments, you create a saint spoon in the likeness of any saint. Since large bags of wooden craft spoons are available inexpensively at craft stores, saint spoons
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How to Train My Saint Bernard
by Jason Lin in Pets
Saint Bernards have become a well-known breed, thanks to their appearances in entertainment and their historical reputation as life-savers during avalanches in the Swiss Alps. Though known for sweetness and affability, Saint Bernards are still a large breed of dog. This means that training for good behavior is of the utmost importance for them and their owners. Whereas a small dog who mischievousl

How to Make Your Own Saint Bracelet
by itsmegb in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Saint bracelets provide an understated, fashionable way to show your faith or simply keep your favorite saints with you all day long. Some saint bracelets just feature one saint, while others might depict the Stations of the Cross or events from the life of Mary and Joseph. The choice is up to you when you make your own saint bracelet. You can do the job by following a few straightforward steps.D

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