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Relation between Sales Organization, Sales Office and Sales Group in SAP
by elmagistral in Programming Languages

I want to know the relation between Sales Organization( VAKPA -VKORG), Sales Office( VAKPA-VKBUR) and Sales Group ( VAKPA-VKGRP) in SAP.

Relation in the sense, does One-to-One or One-to-Many relation exist between them..or do they form an hierarchy??


How to Write Effective Sales Copy,sales Letter for Your Business or Web Site
by WellBeing in Business
Getting your customer to buy products from your company or web site will involve a sales letter or well written sales copy.
Here are some ideas on writing a effective sale copy.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions The first is a headline that stands out and gets the reader interested in your product. You can make the font a littler larger and high light it or bold the sales copy headline

The Average Salary of a National Sales Group Sales Representative
by JoeKaras in Business
National sales group representatives initiate, foster and seek out clientele for products, brands and organizations at the nationwide level. In addition to identifying and satisfying customer needs, national sales reps also supervise groups of regional sales representatives and represent their brands or organizations at national and international conferences Average SalaryAccording to 2010 data

How to Calculate Profit From Gross Sales and Projected Sales in Excel
by dawza in Computers
Gross sales encompasses the total value of money made by the business prior to subtracting the cost of sales, discounts allowed to customers, inwards returns of goods, taxes and expenses incurred in the operations of the business. Cost of sales and the returns inward are subtracted from the gross sales to determine the gross profits. The cost of sales for an accounting period is calculated by subt

What Is the Difference Between Net Revenue, Net Sales, Cost of Sales & Gross Margin?
by poofyhairguy in Business
Net revenue, net sales, cost of sales and gross margin are elements of the comprehensive income statement. This statement shows the results of the income-generating operations of a business during a certain period of time. It also shows the revenues generated and expenses incurred in earning those revenues. Net RevenueRevenue is the gross inflow of economic benefits arising in the course of the

How to Increase Sales and Tips for Retail Sales Associates
by Mpalle in Business
As a retail sales associate, you carry the responsibility of talking to customers once they enter the store and pushing them toward a purchase. Give too strong or too weak a push and the customer likely won't buy, resulting in a loss of money for the company and a possible tip for you. The customer must feel comfortable while deciding on a purchase and must have the necessary knowledge to make his

How to Calculate Sales Recovery Using the Installment Sales Method
by Vacant Space in Business
The installment method is a conservative method of accounting because revenue is recognized when cash is collected on sales. This method varies from the accrual accounting method promoted by U.S. accounting rules, which requires revenue to be recognized when sales are earned.The installment method is used when there's high risk that sales won't be collected. This method should also be used when th

The Rules on Sales Tax Collection From Direct Sales in Texas
by YuriyLazarev in Business
Texas requires sales tax collection on any personal property sold in the state. State law requires sales tax collection for leases on tangible property. Unlike states such as Virginia, Texas requires sales tax collection on taxable services performed within the state. In order to legally operate a business and collect sales tax in the state, businesses need a Texas sales tax and use tax permit.

How to Accurately Forecast Sales Based on a Sales Process
by India in Business
Forecasting sales is an essential aspect of business operations. Almost the entire business operation, from establishing a budget to purchasing equipment, revolves around being able to accurately predict sales. Predicting sales numbers transcends economic-science into business art. Estimating sales based upon qualitative data can only go so far. Predicting how much money a consumer will have in si

Sales Tips: How to Achieve More Sales at a Fitness Center
by Colorado in Sports & Fitness
The fitness marketing industry can be competitive and requires knowledge about your client base. To succeed in fitness sales, you will need to develop online and offline marketing strategies and to keep a record of the sales that you make. In this industry, involving your entire staff is often helpful in developing new ideas and boosting profits. Know Your CustomersKnowing your customers will h

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