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Salesforce: SOAP Login from Salesforce TO Salesforce
by evgen_povt in Web Design

I implemented a batch job which makes a webservice call within the same salesforce instance, which then is supposed to send emails with a pdf attachment,
since you cannot send pdf attachments directly from a batch job. My webservice call looks like this:

public static void callOut(List ids){
InvoiceAttachmentConnector.InvoiceAttachmentService ws = new Inv

Pass data in salesforce url and get it back to website from salesforce return url
by LookBehindYou in Programming Languages

I have created one web-to-lead form in salesforce account. Now I am integrating that form with my website. As user get registered, its data will also be inserted in Salesforce Lead form and in my website database..now can I pass a variable or an array with the Salesfoce action url

In web-to-lead form Salesforce, and can I get that variable or array back when at the time of returning

How can I maintain a lookup relationship on a Salesforce to Salesforce connection?
by MikeG in Web Design

Our client needs to import Contact information from a partner org via Salesforce to Salesforce. They also need to import CustomObject__c records, that have a lookup field to Contacts (that is: a Contact has n CustomObject__c).

How can I achieve that, after importing Contact A (which creates a copy on my org), CustomObjects that I import that belong to Contact A in the partner org wi

Salesforce to Salesforce Email Related List Subscribe
by jfraser in Development Tools & Services

I have a Salesforce to Salesforce connection setup and would like see in my email related list emails my connections has sent for that specific record. I have Google Docs, Notes, & Attachments related list on the page layout but can only see internal user emails.

Is this possible to enable connection emails to be view, and how do I enabled this?Do I need to subscribe to their e

Salesforce: How to create a developer account in my company's salesforce
by Ingoschi in Programming Languages

I have created a developer account in salesforce. But now I need to create some logic that uses some custom objects that someone create in the company's salesforce.

Should I create a developer account in the company's salesforce?

Or should I replicate everything to my developer account?


And how do I do it or where can I learn how to do it?<

how can I Login/out from SalesForce? I'm using salesForce mobile SDK for iOS
by orson in Operating Systems

I'm just build-up my 1st project of SalesForce mobile SDK for iOS.
It uses Native force.com REST APP template.
It is working fine, but I can't find login/logout function in my project.

I want to control timing of login and logout
for example login-Buttton and logout-Button.

Salesforce API: get the time on the Salesforce server
by Edo in Development Tools & Services

With the Salesforce API, is there a way to get the current time on the Salesforce server?

salesforce: I want to know what is wrapper class in salesforce and a scenario of using wrapper class with simple exapmle.?
by nedfunnell in Programming Languages

I want to know what is wrapper class in salesforce and a scenario of using wrapper class with simple exapmle.??

Connect a salesforce user to another salesforce user in another org without any user intervention
by ArdentRogue in Web Design

We would like to connect a salesforce user to another salesforce user in another org without any user intervention from a service.

We have tried SAML Bearer Flow (using Remote Access Application) to connect to salesforce to retreive Access Token for one of our product. We are referring to the follwoing article.


Salesforce Log out
by Wisconsin in Mobile Programming

I am using zksforce SDK from https://github.com/palaniraja/Force.com-Toolkit-for-iOS/tree/master/SVNTest.

I am trying to log out from the salesforce (using my application button). How can i do this? Please help.

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