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Difference Between a Tanning Salon & a Beauty Salon
by JoeKaras in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
With nail salons that do facials, and hair salons that do nails, it's hard to know where to go to get your hair cut or your skin tanned. Most beauty salons offer a variety of services including hair care, nail care, skin care, waxing and even tanning. In most cases, tanning salons offer only tanning services. Tanning services, however, may be offered at both a beauty salon and a tanning salon.

How to Get a Job at a Salon
by LookBehindYou in Careers & Job Searching
Working in a salon is a career where you can use your creativity to improve the appearance of your clients. The job can be attractive to those who also need to take care of a family or want flexible hours as some salons allow workers to choose their own schedule or work evening or morning shifts. The career has opportunities for those who are licensed cosmetology workers such as hairdressers and c
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How to Fix Salon Gel
by Blunc in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
When a nail technician applies salon gel to your nails, she usually creates beautiful, natural-looking nails. These nails generally hold up well to daily use, but occasionally, the gel nail might lift up from the nail bed or become chipped. You may also want to change the color of the polish, and decide to save money by doing it at home. Purchase a gel nail kit from a drugstore. It will contain ev
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What to Expect on the First Day of the Job in a Salon
by Waynew in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
There's something about beauty and pampering that can make a salon job very glamorous. As an employee, it takes a lot to keep a salon running. On the first day of the job, expect to become acquainted with behind-the-scenes operations of the business. Several duties will be explained during a formal training session. These duties take the job description beyond working with clientele, making the sa

How to Market a Salon
by Julian Ivanov in Business
Owning a salon gives the freedom to control everything about your business. This can also be a burden, however, since it's up to you if the business fails or succeeds.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Train your employees that the customer comes first (within reason, of course). It should be their goal to retain clients and develop a clientele. Good customer relations is the most important
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How to Tip Salon Personnel
by RomanMtz in Culture & Society
It's easy to get confused when it comes to tipping at a salon. Everyone knows that servers get 10 to 20 percent of the bill depending on the level of service they gave, but few people know how to actually tip in a salon.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Calculate 10 to 20 percent of the service price. If you're very satisfied with your haircut, nail treatment or massage, it's proper to tip 18 to 20 p
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How to Own Your Own Beauty Salon
by bkircher in Business
Opening a salon can be challenging, but with the right tools and preparation, your salon can thrive. Before you decide to become a beauty salon owner, make sure you invest time creating a business plan, marketing ideas and find a location where your business will succeed.
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Salon Grants
by CRaul87 in Education
Cosmetology schools across the country have evolved over the years, encouraging their students to embrace makeup and hairdressing as an art instead of just a vocation. Because of this shift, graduates of cosmetology school have a wide variety of career opportunities at their disposal, whether it's working in a small-town salon or a major urban studio. And to help cosmetology students earn their ow
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Salon Duties
by Jake Levitt in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Beauty salons usually offer services such as hair, nail and skin care. Most beauty customers are females, though men sometimes use their services. An owner or manager, who has both full- and- part-time assistants working for her, usually runs a beauty salon. Beauty salon workers usually have a number of responsibilities and duties because they often work at various stations. Setting Appointment
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Products for Salon Use
by john in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Many salons claim that the products they carry are only available by purchase from the salon; however, beauty supply stores carry a variety of salon-use products that you can purchase. Also find salon-use products for sale at specific company websites or on the Internet. Products used in salons have reputations of being the best products available, but research the products you are interested in b
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