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How to Get the Right Samba Gear
Category : Arts & Entertainment
The Samba dance is a very funky, and energetic dance. Once you learn it, you'll be the hottest thing on the dance floor. But, you don't want to do the right dance but dress the wrong way. While you're out there doing the Samba Roll and the Volta, you want to look good!Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Tank top
Yoga pants
Stilletto shoes


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How to Configure Samba
Category : Computers
Samba is a Linux application that allows for sharing files, cd/dvd-rom drives and printers easily between Windows and Linux computers. You can easily set up a simple file server using Samba.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Install Samba on your Linux computer.
sudo apt-get install samba
Make sure that Samba is not running.
sudo /etc/init.d/samba stop
Move the defau

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How to Add a Samba Printer
Category : Computers
When you share a Linux device over a network to a Windows computer, the most common networking protocol used is Samba (SMB). SMB helps share file and printer properties to Microsoft Windows machines that otherwise would appear incompatible. If you have set up your Linux printer as a Samba printer and want to add it on your Windows machine, the process to add a Samba printer differs from the normal

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How to Restart Samba AIX
Category : Computers
Samba is a service that allows Unix operating systems, such as AIX, to communicate with Windows-based networks. If the Samba service has locked up or is unresponsive, you can force it to restart by invoking the system's init script. This script is responsible for starting, stopping and managing system daemon services.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Log into your AIX system as the root user.

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How to Use Samba on Debian
Category : Computers
Samba is a service that allows Linux computers to talk to Windows computers and make use of Windows shares. Samba automatically adds Windows devices to your computer's network profile, but must be installed through the Debian installer to properly register with the system and automatically detect devices.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Log into your Debian system as the root user.

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How to Kill Samba on AIX
Category : Computers
AIX is a Unix operating system for IBM workstations and servers. AIX uses standard Unix commands and is able to terminate its running processes, such as the Samba network service. Samba is a service that allows Unix computers to share files, folders and services with Windows systems, and access similar services from Windows servers.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Log into AIX using an ad

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How to get workgroup name in Samba?
Category : Programming Languages

Given IP or host name, is there a way to get workgroup name by libsmbclient API or Samba command in Linux?

I already knew that how to browse workgroups, servers and shares by libsmbclient API.

Sometimes not all servers in LAN can be found by libsmbclient API. I don't know the root cause yet.

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nas / samba + windows 7 + acl
Category : Operating Systems

following weird problem, i have a netgear readynas pioneer pro, with a share media.
I want this share to be available to absolutely everyone (closed home network), that means to guests, to the satbox, to all pcs, laptops etc.
I have set over netgears admin, everything to default read/write, and when i ssh into the nas i can see everything is drwxrwxrwx, wtih nobody : nogroup, so perfe

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How to Do a Basic Samba
Category : Arts & Entertainment
The samba is the most complex of all Latin dances because of its many rhythms. It is also one of the most enjoyable due to its syncopated, natural "heart rhythm" beat. Social and competitive samba differs from its original roots in Brazilian samba in that it is more structured and simplified by comparison. Nevertheless, samba is a complex, rhythmical dance that requires focus and practic

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How to Do Samba Solo
Category : Arts & Entertainment
"Laugh longer, live louder." Or so the saying goes. There is no reason why dance shouldn’t be done just for fun, after all that is probably what it was created for. And there is no better dance to have fun with than the Samba. You can even dance the Samba Solo or better known as the Samba no pé. Usually this dance is an impromptu dance that takes place when Samba music is played. The

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