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How to display archive from one saturday next saturday range,Wordpress
by Luciano Campos in Programming Languages

In my wordpress home page, i am displaying the archives using the function


and it outputs like

* July 19, 2010–July 25, 2010
* July 12, 2010–July 18, 2010

ie starting from monday to next monday.How can i change this from saturday to next saturday

How to Get a Saturday Job
by techthumb in Careers & Job Searching
For the money-challenged high school or college student, a Saturday job can be a way to earn extra spending money, develop work experience and build self-confidence. Working on Saturdays is advantageous because it does not interfere with your schoolwork or social life.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Apply for a work permit if you are under the age of 18. You can find a work permit application at th
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Fun Stuff to Do on a Saturday
by ArmHead in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Another Saturday rolls around and you find yourself thinking of things to do---perhaps something fun that you haven't done in awhile, if ever. Maybe you have always dreamed of being the next singing sensation, or perhaps you have a competitive edge that is brought out by spinning windmills. Whatever your flavor, the following ideas will surely tickle your fancy. Play Miniature GolfForget the gr
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What to Do on a Boring Saturday?
by Robby in Education
Saturday is usually a day of relaxation and leisure for people who do not work weekends. Sometimes, though, loneliness, bad weather or the lack of a planned activity can transform a potentially pleasurable Saturday into a boring day. If you are feeling bored on a Saturday, consider starting a new hobby. Try something different and get out of your comfort zone. You can also volunteer in your local

Saturday Job Ideas
by codelurker in Business
While Saturdays are typically regarded as a day for kicking back and relaxing, you may consider finding a job, or starting a side business, to keep you busy. Consider opportunities that are part time and that can be done in the course of the day, so that your Saturday job doesn't effect your regular work schedule or other planned activities. Lawn and Plant-Care ServicesFrom mowing the lawn to w
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What to Do on a Boring Saturday With Your Mom?
by jaredsmiller in Relationships & Family
Summertime is a welcome break from school for many kids but summer break can also bring boredom. There are a variety of activities parents can do with kids that are fun, educational and meaningful. There are some simple activities moms can do with their kids on a lazy Saturday or weekend. Start a Family Scrapbook or BlogFor younger children and toddlers, ask them to describe their favorite anim

Things to Do in L.A. on Saturday
by ponchopilate in Travel
Los Angeles, California is a diverse city with something for every person of every age, culture, interest, lifestyle and background. On a typical Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles, streets are bustling and traffic is abundant with people on their way to explore all the fun, excitement and interesting places L.A. has to offer. California Science CenterThe California Science Center is the largest
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Saturday Kitchen Ideas
by DSLer in Home & Garden
Weekends offer you the opportunity to spend quality time relaxing and working in your kitchen. An unscheduled Saturday can be used to tackle a long put-off home improvement project, or you can pass Saturday morning cooking and eating a leisurely breakfast with your family. Whether you use your weekend to entertain, clean or beautify your home, remember that the point of your time off is to unwind

Saturday Family Activities
by DaveStall in Relationships & Family
Spending some time with family on a Saturday is a way to bond and catch up. You can have some clean old fun, introduce your kids to sports or help them in their school projects by visiting academic-related places. Engaging in such activities doesn't always mean spending loads of cash. The best Saturday activities are the ones that allow each family member a chance to interact with the others so th

Saturday Night Clubs in NYC
by Idaho in Travel
New York City is "the city that never sleeps," and Saturday nights are certainly no exception. There are clubs located all over the city that cater to specific audiences and crowds. Dance clubs, comedy clubs, live music clubs, lounges and more are all available to residents and visitors of New York City on a Saturday night. The 40/40 Club‎The 40/40 Club‎ is a popular club and loun

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