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How to Use Picture Activity Schedule Books to Increase On-Schedule & On-Task Behaviors
by Jérôme in Education
An intellectual disability can cause a number of problems for parents, teachers and counselors working with the child or individual. The use of a picture activity schedule book helps keep the individual or child on task and on schedule so that parents are not struggling. The pictures allow the individual or child to determine what the task is. According to Early Childhood News, visual schedules ar

cron4j: Schedule multiple tasks with different schedule time
by Jerome in Programming Languages

I don't have experience with cron4j scheduler and I need to schedule tasks with different time. Use cron4j is requirement, so I have to use it. I've tried to find tutorial but unsuccessfully. Can someone help me. I don't want full code here now, just recommendation how to do that or link with tutorial. I've read cron4j documentation, but I've not found what I need. I appreciate every help. Than

how to calculate student schedule from master and bell schedule
by chardin in Web Design

okay so I'm not from the states and I'm building this high school application. I didn't go to school there so I'm not very familiar with this sort of thing,
here's the master schedule and bell schedule

My problem is when the user is selecting a class, he is presented with 3 possible times linked to the same class.

How do you think I should calculate the students sc

How to Schedule Work Study Around Class Schedule
by NoCreativity in Education
With a busy class schedule and a million other things to do each week in college, you may be wondering how you're going to schedule your work study hours around such a tight schedule. It can definitely be tricky, but by planning ahead and being responsible, you can figure out a work study schedule that will work for both you and your employer.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Prioritize your clas

schedule dynamic jobs using quartz, back up using hibernate(to schedule jobs from DB while server crash) in spring
by Engr62 in Programming Languages

I want schedule jobs dynamically using quartz,hibernate and spring. And I need to have backup in table(DB), while dynamically schedule a job.

While server crash or stops, by using the table details, can I schedule all the list of jobs again?
is there any advantage of using hibernate(mysql) here?
please guide me how can i develop this requirement

Your help will grea

Amortization Schedule Vs. Depreciation Schedule
by micaleel in Business
Fixed assets represent physical assets that provide years of benefits to the company. These include vehicles, conveyor systems and warehouse buildings. Intangible assets are assets that provide the company with certain rights for several years. Examples of intangible assets include patents or trademarks. Companies recognize a portion of the cost of these assets each year as an expense through depr

What Is the Difference Between Schedule 40 & Schedule 80 Pipe?
by Toetee in Home & Garden
Schedule 40 and schedule 80 pipe are made from the same material. The difference in structure lies in the thickness of the pipe wall; the higher the schedule, the thicker the wall of the conduit. UsesThe thicker the wall of the conduit, the stronger it is to both outside forces and internal pressure. Any time there is a necessity for a stronger pipe than the standard strength schedule 40, insp

Schedule C Vs. Schedule E for Rental Income
by mhedberg in Business
Schedule C and Schedule E are both tax forms used for reporting rental income. They differentiate in the types of rental income included on each form. PurposeBoth Schedule C and E are used for reporting rental income. Rental income is reported to enable the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to assess taxes on the income. Rental income comes from many sources including the rental of property and la

How to Schedule Freelance Work Around a Kid's Schedule
by Caleb Ames in Careers & Job Searching
Working from home as a parent is fantastic. You get to be there when your kids leave for school and when they come home. You are there for them to help with their homework, should they have a day off, or if they get sick and need to stay home. Working from home allows you this flexibility in your schedule to be able to work around the needs of your children. However, it can be a little frustrating

Do You Get More Benefit of a Deduction on Schedule C or Schedule A?
by soup006 in Personal Finance
Understanding the value of deductions on Schedule A as opposed to expenses on Schedule C is really about the difference between top-line and bottom-line income. What you report on the front side of your 1040 tax return is, essentially, all of the income that you, yourself, make from a range of sources and which, ultimately, makes up your Adjusted Gross Income. You then reduce that income by a numb

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