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How to Balance School and After-School Activities for Grade School Children
by Sascha Brossmann in Parenting
Young children have many interests. A parent's job is to foster those interests and find activities in which their children can be active, be creative and learn to work with others. When the school year starts, opportunities abound for children to get involved in new activities. Parents must be careful not to involve their children in so many activities that their schoolwork suffers.Difficulty:Mod

Are School Meals Healthy for School Children at a School to Eat?
by Francois in Parenting
School cafeteria meals have been in the hot seat in recent years. There is wide-spread controversy about the overall health of the mass breakfasts and lunches that our public school children eat while on campus. Schools are working to combat the national childhood obesity epidemic as the debate continues and parents wonder if school meals are healthy for their children to eat. The goal for schools

Good Ideas for Teaching Formal Logic to Middle School & High School
by dluu2 in Education
Formal logic is often overlooked in the educational upbringing of students. Instead, teachers focus on sharing a wealth of information with students and testing student knowledge of studied topics. However, with students being bombarded by information from sources such as television, Internet and social media as well as educators, formal logic skills are necessary for students to become critical

Salary Range for School Counselors in the Florida Public School System
by Elieder in Business
School counselors provide a number of services to students. At the elementary school level, these employees observe individual and group behavior and offer teachers assistance with better organizing the classrooms and lessons to meet the needs of students. At the high school level, guidance counselors help students apply for college, secure financial aid, develop a resume or identify realistic car

Scholarships for High School Students Planning to Attend Cosmetology School
by Nate Childers in Education
There are a number of cosmetology scholarships that are available to students, even before they have begun to attend cosmetology school. Many of these scholarships are available from professional beauty organizations. Others are available from specific cosmetology schools, so high school students interested in cosmetology school should always start their scholarship search by contacting the admiss

Library Bulletin Board Ideas for the School Year in High School
by her209 in Education
Bulletin boards are an excellent way to convey information to students in a colorful, accessible fashion. High school libraries are a great place to utilize bulletin boards to reach students, as high schoolers will be spending a good bit of time doing research and working in the library. Strike a balance between informative and fun with your bulletin boards and you're sure to catch students' inter

High School Graduation Gifts for a Nephew Going to School for Musical Theatre
by lwl_seu in Holidays & Celebrations
Become an admired aunt or uncle by giving your nephew a graduation gift he will be excited to receive. Your nephew who will be attending music school will need specific items tailored to his area of study. As a close family member, you will be expected to give a generous and meaningful gift. Choose a gift that will be useful and enjoyable to use. StereoPurchase headphones for use with the stere

Free Team-Building Activities in Middle School and High School
by cubby1223 in Education
The high school and middle school years are often a time of transition for many kids. They may be starting at a new school, trying to make friends and fit in with their peers. Team building activities help them to know each other and give them a common experience from which to grow their friendship. Would You RatherAsk participants to create a list of "would you rather" questions prior to the a

ASP.net MVC3 . View page. getting errors because can't implicitly convert type list<school> to 'school; HELP please
by igv in Programming Languages

I get an error on my View page thats says:

Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.List' to 'SchoolAdministrator.SchoolAdminProductionServices.SchoolTypeRef'

I want to know how come Im getting these errors. I believe I am doing everything right


[SchoolAuthorizeAttribute(AdminRoles = "ViewSchoolTypeRef")]

How to Get a Copy of a High School Diploma From Sheffield, Texas State School Boot Camp
by Rhoxed in Education
The Sheffield, Texas State School Boot Camp closed in March 2008. It was part of the Texas Youth Commission's (TYC) educational program for juvenile offenders in the state of Texas. Although the TYC still has a boot camp program, the Sheffield facility is now part of the Texas ChalleNGe Academy (TCA) that is run by the Texas National Guard through the Iraan-Sheffield Independent School District (I

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