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How to Fix a Scorched Pan
by NesuD in Home & Garden
Cooking allows you to get creative while enjoying delicious home-cooked meals. One thing no one enjoys is a scorched pan, especially when attempting to remove hardened food and material from pans during the middle of cooking and preparing meals. Fixing a scorched pan is simple and only requires a few household items to completely remove any burned food.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll
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How to Get Rid of a Scorched Carpet
by Dennis Caldwell in Home & Garden
Burned carpets smell bad and look horrible. While burn marks on a carpet can sometimes be fixed or covered, in most cases you have no choice but to get rid of a scorched carpet that has suffered extensive damage. Pulling up and removing a scorched carpet is done in the same way as with normal carpeting.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Work gloves
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How to Restore a Scorched Pan
by language-agnostic in Arts & Entertainment
The only thing worse than eating burned food is cleaning up after it. If burning your food wasn’t enough, cleaning a scorched pan can become a whole other problem. In most cases, soap and water won't be enough to remove the scorched food on the pan. If this is the case, there are some other methods you can follow to clean your scorched pan and restore it to its original condition.Difficulty:
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How to Get Rid of Scorched Black in a Pan
by danielsdesk in Home & Garden
Hardly any cook enjoys cleaning up after preparing a dish, even under normal circumstances. If you accidentally burnt your food, you may dread cleaning up even more. Burnt foods and sauces often cause scorched black residue to cling to a pan. Regular washing may not do the trick in this instances. You can restore your pan and remove the scorched black stains if you use the right cleaning products.
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How to Clean Scorched Maple
by Jeremy Pinnix in Home & Garden
Home fires can be devastating. You can salvage wood furniture if it has burn marks but is still intact. Remove these scorch marks carefully to restore the furniture. Light scorch marks only affect the wood's finish and can be lightly buffed off. Heavier scorch marks actually burn off some of the wood and will need to be sanded until the charred parts are gone.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions

How to Get a Scorched Taste Out of Soup
by Meg in Food & Drink
Burning food does not produce tasty results---especially in soup---but a quick-fix remedy to get a scorched taste out of soup could sit in your kitchen cabinets. To avoid scorching your soup in the future, use a low, slow heat and watch the pot, and you'll never have to fix burned soup again.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Second soup pot
1 cup broth or water

How to Clean a Scorched Iron
by joshboles in Home & Garden
As time goes by your iron may get dirty and rusty plates. This doesn't mean it's time to throw the scorched iron away. These are some tips on cleaning the plates of a steam scorched iron.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Determine if your steam iron has a nonstick sole plate or an uncoated sole plate. There are different cleaning techniques for each type of scorched iron.
For a scorched iron that

How to Take a Scorched Flavor From Soup
by sm625 in Food & Drink
While it may seem strange, it's possible to burn soup, even those with broth bases. This typically occurs when the soup is on high heat and contains items which sink to the bottom of the pot, such as barley. Any scorched food in soup typically results in an entire pot of burnt-tasting, inedible food. When the probably is caught immediately, however, there is hope for salvaging some of the soup.Dif

How to Repair Scorched Formica
by Alex Bartzas in Home & Garden
Formica is a pressed laminate used on many countertops because of its durability and heat resistance. Remember that heat resistance doesn't mean heatproof. If you place a hot pot or pan on the surface, it can scorch. Rather than replace the entire countertop, repair it. The repair method depends on the size of the damage, the location and your capabilities. Minor damage can be filled and refinishe

How Can I Save Scorched Soup?
by her209 in Food & Drink
Cooks regularly spend hours building and adjusting flavors for the perfect pot of soup. Unlike a piece of burnt bread, which you can quickly remake, scorching a pot of soup will usually ruin the soup. But if you notice that the soup is burning in time, you may be able to salvage it, and with the some flavor adjustments, you may be able to mask its slightly scorched tasteDifficulty:Moderately EasyI
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